November 12, 2008 Board Meeting Hosted by Mark Priddy

Present: Mary Jean and David Yon, Mark Priddy, Sheryl Rosen, Judy Alexander, Jay Wallace, Charlie Yates, Peg Griffin, Gene Opheim, Lisa Cox, Bob MacDonald, Bill Lott, Kevin French, Fred and Margarete Deckert, and Terry Massa.

Mary Jean called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. Quorum was established.

A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the October minutes as presented.

New Business

Peg presented the GWTC election results. They are as follows: President: Judy Alexander; Vice President: Bill Lott; Secretary: Jackie McDaniel; Treasurer: Gene Opheim; Directors at large: Julie Clark, David Yon, Felton Wright, Jay Silvanima, and Seeley Gutierrez. The board thanked the elections committee, which included Peg, Bill McGuire, and Jeanne O’Kon.

Judy reminded the board of a request from Gary Droze for $2,500 to fund the Florida Cross Country All Stars meet. Charlie Yates secured a $1,000 donation from the FSU Track & Field Officials, so Gary is requesting $1,500 from Gulf Winds. The money will pay for uniforms for the runners, who are top 12th grade cross country athletes from across Florida. Usually the Florida Athletic Coaches Association funds the meet with additional funding from FSU and the Tallahassee Sports Council, but those groups have not been able to help this year. Judy motioned the club donate $1,500. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Judy presented a proposed club budget line item for 2009 to allow her, along with Brian Corbin, to secure bibs, pins, Hy-Tek software, and other items for local cross country and track & field meets. Having a budget would allow her and Brian to avoid coming to the board repeatedly with these types of requests. The yearly total would be $900 which includes a $200 estimated temporary yearly use fee for Hy-Tek software. Another option is a $700 annual budget along with a one-time cost of $520 to purchase a Hy-Tek software package complete with a lifetime license/user fee. A motion was made to approve adding a $700 line item in the club’s 2009 budget plus a $520 one-time software purchase. It was seconded and approved unanimously.

David reminded the board the club’s Road Runners Club of America membership is expiring at the end of the calendar year. The cost is $2.27 per household for membership dues and $2.33 per household for general liability insurance, plus a $175 flat fee for directors and officers insurance. David motioned to renew the membership and insurance with the RRCA. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Gene Opheim

The club has $85,813, which is an increase of $2,535 for the month. The Chenoweth Fund has $14,065, which is an increase of $479 for the month.

Gene reported Envision Credit Union will now accept checks made out to the Chenoweth Fund. Envision will also accept checks made out to race names as long as Gene stamps the checks with the club name.

Newsletter Report – Fred Deckert

Fred will place a page in the newsletter advertising the new club shirts available for purchase.

Lecture Series Report –Fred and Margarete Deckert

Fred and Margarete received a suggestion for another movie night, but they haven’t made definite plans. They are interested in finding a new club member to take the reins of the lecture series.

Clothing Coordinator Report – Fred and Margarete Deckert

Margarete received the new men’s club tank tops and passed around samples for the board to see. Also, Fred received a request for the “I Run This Town” shirts, which were created several years ago by former club president Jane Johnson. Fred is going to check on ordering a small quantity of these shirts.

Gulf Winds Tri Club Report – Bob McDonald

Membership in the Tri Club has grown to 97 members. The club will elect officers and a board of directors at this month’s meeting. The club is also considering increasing their dues.

In addition to monthly meetings, the club is having bike and swim clinics. Bob also wants to hold a duathlon for club members at the St. Marks Trail, but he is not sure whether the club insurance will cover non-running events. Until he clarifies the insurance situation, he will hold off plans for the duathlon.

Also, Bob plans to organize a flat, fast triathlon south of Tallahassee in the fall of 2009. He is looking into possible venues.

The Tri Club has a newly designed logo, and the website is being updated regularly with results, pictures, and new sections.

Bob would like the Tri Club to give awards to triathletes in various categories such as “most improved.” Mary Jean added that Bob and his members are welcome to nominate someone for the “triathlete of the year” award that GWTC presents at the annual awards meeting in January.

The Tri Club also plans to participate in the joint holiday party on December 20 along with GWTC and Capital City Cyclists.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Charlie Yates

The New Hope Half Marathon & 5K is tentatively scheduled for February 14. Charlie doesn’t know the location yet. The Southwoodstock 5K will be on March 21. Bill reported although it looked as though Lee’s Place 5K would be revived, the organizers have pulled out, fearing they do not have enough time left this year to plan for the event.

Equipment Report – Kevin French and Bill Lott

Bill finally received the Chronomix back. It is repaired and working well now.

Membership Report – Peg Griffin

The club has 1,110 members in 643 households. Peg said Fred will place membership renewal reminders in the next issue of the Fleet Foot. Peg also sold membership mailing labels to Terry Massa for her use to promote the Special Olympics 5K Run/Walk.

Old Business

Mary Jean mentioned the website for the running club Joe and Nadine Dexter recently formed in Orlando. She’ll send the link around to the board.

Race Director Report – Turkey Trot, David Yon

David gave an update on Turkey Trot and mentioned he is still looking for additional volunteers. The Music Fest will take place on Sunday, November 23 at Sittig Hall at Kleman Plaza instead of the American Legion Hall.

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:49 p.m. It was seconded and approved unanimously.


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