for November 13, 2019, Hosted by Zack Scharlepp

Board Members Present: Paul Guyas, Alyssa Terry, Laryn Flikkema, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Chika Okoro, Zack Scharlepp, Laura McDermott, Herb Wills, Mark Priddy, Joseph Petty, and Judy Alexander. 

Others Present: Rachel Scharlepp, Robert Skrob, Kory Skrob, Johanna Petty, and Bill Lott.

The president called the meeting to order at 7:34 P.M. and a quorum was established.

The Board approved the minutes from the October meeting without objection.

Announcements from officers

No Announcements.

Old Business

 2020 Slate of Candidates – Zack Scharlepp

Zack presented the 2020 slate of candidates seeking positions on the GWTC board. There is at least one candidate running for all board positions. There was some discussion on whether it would be beneficial for GWTC to hire a CPA to take over some of the treasurer’s duties. In order to gain insight as to the extent to which a CPA would be beneficial for GWTC, it was determined that this should be a topic of discussion a few of months after the 2020 treasurer has begun his or her position.

New Business

GWTC Holiday Party – Joseph Petty

Joseph reported the band “Slow Low Crow” has confirmed they are going to perform at the 2019 GWTC Holiday Party. Moreover, there will be refreshments provided from multiple locations, including but not limited to Tasty Pastry.  BJs Parry House will be providing face painting and other fun activities for the kids that attend. Wine and beer will be provided. Invitations will be sent out to GWTC members at the end of November. Information will also be posted on GWTC’s social media accounts during the first week of December. Joseph is looking for volunteers; he would like one volunteer that can drop off and pick up two kegs for the party, as well as others that can help with cleanup during and after the party.

GWTC Awards Ceremony – Joseph Petty

Joseph reported the GWTC Awards Ceremony will take place on January 12, 2020 at Goodwood Museum & Gardens. We are also on the calendar for the 2021 ceremony and the deposit from the 2020 Awards Ceremony will roll over to the 2021 Awards Ceremony., Looking ahead, Joseph also noted that Vicky Droze will have to find a new lead for the Low Country Boil that is traditionally served at the GWTC Potluck Bash. Joseph assured board members that, while he is stepping down from his role as Co-Social Coordinator, he will still   assist Vicky with certain events in an unofficial capacity.

Proposed Budget for GWTC 5 & 10 Mile Challenge – Vicky Verano

Vicky presented the proposed budget for the GWTC 5 & 10 Mile Challenge via email. This budget included an estimated total revenue of $4,325.00 and estimated total expenses of $3,530.68 with estimated total proceeds of $794.32. A motion was made to approve the proposed budget for the 2019 GWTC 5 & 10 Mile Challenge, which was seconded and approved unanimously.

Corporate Documents Review Committee members – Paul Guyas

Paul reported the Corporate Documents Review Committee last met approximately 3-4 years ago. He then stated that there are now 5 GWTC members that would like to be on this committee, which includes David Yon, Zack Scharlepp, Paul Guyas, Tom Biance, and Thomas Findley. A motion was made to approve these 5 individuals as members of the Corporate Documents Review Committee; this motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Thomas Biance has volunteered to set up the next meeting to review current GWTC bylaws, and he will provide the committee with some recommended changes.

Fleet Foot Co-Editors – Paul Guyas

Paul made a motion for Robert and Kory Skrob to be the new co-editors of the Fleet Feet; this motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Robert and Kory shared their desire to do a tribute to Fred and Margaret Deckert for spearheading the Fleet Foot for so many years. They then explained that they would like to make some changes to the Fleet Foot to make it a celebration of what Gulf Winds Track Club stands for, which is the promotion of running and self-improvement. An update to the design of the Fleet Foot is in store, which likely will include sections focused on promoting GWTC volunteers, the GWTC Grand Prix races, as well as the GWTC Triathletes. They would also like to provide GWTC with an email version of the Fleet Foot. Robert and Kory encourage new contributors, including young writers and photographers, to get involved with the production of the Fleet Foot; for those who would like to contribute, please contact Robert or Kory Skrob.

All Year, One Price GWTC Racing Pass – Paul Guyas

Paul presented the new GWTC365 program. This program offers GWTC members with a single discounted purchase for all GWTC Club races for one year. It can be purchased on any date since the program will expire one year following the time of purchase. Members of this program will be responsible for completing their no-cost registrations on for all GWTC Club races within the established registration timeframes. Paul stated he will facilitate an option for program members to be able to opt in for a race shirt for a monetary cost. For more information, please go to A motion was made to approve the GWTC365 program with the condition that this program be evaluated after one year of being in effect. The motion was seconded and passed.

RRCA Renewal – David Yon

David reported that it is time for GWTC to renew its membership with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA.). A motion for David to renew GWTC’s RRCA membership was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Robert Skrob reported he would attempt to get an answer as to whether RRCA preferred its logo be placed on the cover or inside of the Fleet Foot.

Third Party Concern Regarding Race/Race Director Conduct– Paul Guyas

GWTC President Paul Guyas distributed a series of emails between Paul and Meg Baldwin, executive director of the Refuge House. Ms. Baldwin expressed concerns about the amount and timeliness of donations her organization was to receive from proceeds from the Turkey Trot races. Mr. Yon acknowledge that the books for the 2018 race should have been closed sooner. However, at a meeting with Ms. Baldwin he advised her that the reduced contribution ($5,000) was in part due to the lack of help and support for the race from Refuge House. Several members of the board stated their agreement that neither races, nor were race directors under any obligation to raise money for any particular cause. He also made the point that the club has never required a race director to raise money for a particular cause. That remains the prerogative of the race director, subject to the Board’s disapproval of any charity. At this point with all questions and comments being addressed, Paul brought the discussion to a close. The board decided there was no action needed at that time.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Laryn Flikkema

*Report will be added once report has been received.*

 Equipment Report – Bill Lott & Tec Thomas

Bill reported that the “broken” on/off power switch on the P.A. System has somehow corrected itself again; therefore, the P.A. System is now working. Moreover, Bill reported three chip timing mat antennas have been sent for repair, which was authorized at a prior Board meeting. The cost of the repair was $450.00 ($150.00 per antenna) plus $88.93 shipping (both ways). Tec then requested feedback from board members regarding whether he should establish two fees including one for individuals who rent a clock and a different fee for individuals who do not rent out a clock. He also requested feedback on the possibility of establishing specific guidelines for individuals who wish to use the GWTC trailer. The board re-established that Tec has the autonomy to make these decisions independently due to his position as equipment manager. Then, due to some difficulties with the current locks to the GWTC rental unit, a motion was made for the equipment manager to purchase new locks for the GWTC rental unit; this motion was seconded and approved unanimously.   

 Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean reported she has been working with the race directors and the club president to solicit comments on the proposed “GWTC All-Race Registration” proposal.

Chip Timing Reports – Bill Hillison, Bill Lott, & Peg Griffin

Bill stated that Peg Griffin’s previous difficulty transmitting the information recorded on The Time Machine (place, time, and bib number) to a laptop have been rectified, and the system is now working as intended. Bill also reported that GWTC chip timed three races during the month of October including one Club race (Pine Run 20K) and two non-club races (FCSAA/NJCAA Region 8 Cross-Country Championships and Trash Dash 5K). 

Membership Report –Mark Priddy

Mark reported Gulf Winds Track Club currently has 1,312 members representing 726 separate and distinct households. Forty nine of those memberships are complimentary, 90-day trial offers given to new participants of the Beginning Runners Group (BRG) which will expire on January 31, 2020. All GWTC current members, including the BRG, will receive renewal email notices from RunSignUp (RSU) starting 45 days prior to membership expiration. If it is a Family Membership renewal, the Primary, head of the household member will receive the email. Renewal reminder emails will continue to be sent automatically prior to the membership expiration date, 30 days out, 10 days, 2 days before and the day AFTER membership expires. Automatic emails will stop once the member renews, or the day after expiration. Hall of Fame Memberships do not expire; if a HOF member wants to join the Tri Club, contact the GWTC Membership Director. The RSU notice will explain the process of how to renew online. Account information can be updated during the renewal, and you can also renew your Gulf Winds Triathlete Club membership at the same time.

Trail Coordinator Report –Jim Halley

Nothing new to report.  

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon

Nothing new to report.  

Training Report – Thomas Biance

Chika Okoro reported that tonight was the last meeting for the Beginners Running Group with a total of ten participants.  

Triathlete Report – Wayne Thumm

Wayne reported via email that all nominees for the TriClub 2020 board of directors had a chance to introduce themselves to the club during their October Meeting on October 21st. Moreover, the 2020 Grand Prix Committee has been established and is working on setting the schedule. Wayne also stated that the TriClub Holiday party is set for December 9 but with a TBD location. St. Marks Duathlon will be held on Sunday March 21, 2020 with help from the RonStrong Foundation.

Website Committee Report – David Yon

There was some discussion about the low number of hits on the GWTC website and David suggested it may be beneficial for there to be more links to the website on emails and social media posts that pertain to the club.

Youth Council Report – Kaari Guyas

Kaari updated the board on the current events of the GWTC Youth Council. At their last meeting, the attendees discussed various methods to attempt to get more kids to join the Youth Striders Program. They also talked about the possibility of using incentives to get Youth Striders’ participants to participate more; one idea was to increase the amount of money given to a given participant’s school as the amount he or she runs increases. Another discussion point included the possibility of holding a race at the end of the Youth Striders season; however, it was brought to the council’s attention that there may be more participants if the race is held a couple of months following the end of the Youth Striders season due to November being busy.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

Laura reported that they would be present at the Turkey Trot Festival to sell merchandise. They also have discussed ordering marathon jackets again; however, they will most likely order half of the amount previously ordered since many GWTC members have already purchased a jacket. Also, since visors have been popular, they will be ordering more colors.

Education and Lecture Coordinator Report – Chris Stanley

Chris reported via email that there was a talk on November 2 at Premier given by Brian Chambers of Big Bend Strength and Conditioning. There were 5 people in attendance, which allowed them to receive some individualized attention in lecture and demonstrations. As a next event, he would like to work with Chika and others to put something together for beginning runners, such as a panel with individuals who can speak to some key areas (i.e., training, nutrition, shoes, etc.). Chris requested suggestions for topics and speakers.

 Social Report – Vicky Droze

Vicky reported via email that the October social, the Maclay Gardens’ hayride, was attended by 4 people. Perha and Jim Varley won the $25 Momo’s gift card. The November social was held in conjunction with the Rex Cleveland Magic Mile. About 80 people attended the after race social / awards ceremony. The club purchased 80 drink tickets for $350. The December social will be the holiday party on December 14. A total of $869.19 was spent on the monthly socials in 2019.

Newsletter Report – Robert and Kory Skrob

Please refer to “New Business“ for Newsletter report.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:06 P.M.

Alyssa Terry, Secretary


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