Business Meeting, October 13, 1999 Home of Pheona and Joe Kaiser

Board Members Present: David Yon, Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Pheona Kaiser, Rex Cleveland, Mae Cleveland, Brian Corbin, Bill de Grummond, Tom Perkins, Will Walker, Mary Jean Yon, Joe Dexter

Board Members Absent: Gary Kenney, Charlie Yates, Paul Hoover

Others Present: Dawn Brown, Jack McDermott, Kathy McDaris

David Yon, president, called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m.

Minutes from the September meeting were distributed and read by Cynthia Christen.

Minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – Pheona Kaiser

The summer track meets cost $921, and GWTC had paid $800 of that. At the June Board meeting the Board approved up to $1000, so Pheona will send a check for the remainder.

The financial report was read, and approved.

Membership Report – Brian Corbin

There are 524 memberships with 880 members.

Equipment Report – Joe Dexter

The chronomix was repaired for $66.85.

Newsletter Report – Rex Cleveland

Rex reminded us of the deadline to get material to him for the newsletter.

Social Director – Sarah Docter-Williams

No report.

Race Director – Will Walker

The Pine Run results are late.

Will would like to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary by providing finishers medals for all GWTC races in 2000. He will definitely do that for the Pine Run next year. He will approach trophy companies with whom we deal. Can’t prevent race date conflicts.

Hard to get race sponsors, but at least being a grand prix event helps with extra entries and some prestige. The function of the grand prix is to promote running. The awards committee received many comments about the proposed grand prix schedule, and as a result has modified the schedule to include Springtime Tallahassee, and take the ultra off. Tom Perkins would like a youth grand prix.

Tom Brown Bash made $490.

The 10 mile challenge budget was presented by Dawn Brown , and accepted.

Awards Committee – Bill de Grummond

Nominations are needed for the annual awards.

Triathletes – Kathy McDaris

Kathy would like an award category for triathlete recognition. Bill deGrummond discussed this with the Awards Committee, who were receptive, but it may be too late this year. He will need a write up for the award, and nominations. Tom made a motion to give the Awards Committee authority to work out the details, Mary Jean seconded, and it passed.

Chenoweth Committee – Mae Cleveland

Mae is working on the 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption issue. Consideration is being given to moving some of the $6000 to the untouchable principle.

Election Committee – Mae Cleveland

The delegates at large board postions have extra nominees, Lynn Powell and Dawn Brown.

Lecture Series – Mary Jean Yon

On November 15, Will Walker and Paul Hiers will present race directing.

25th Anniversary Committee

Members are Mary Jean, Bill McGuire, Wendy, or Sarah.

New Business

Rex reminded us that we need to reimburse Tim Simpkins for the copying costs for the race fliers that he provides at so many events. His costs were $33 for the last three months. Board had voted $25/month for this.

Sponsors of the “Hungersite” will donate food to the hungry when anyone logs on to the site and clicks to provide food. We will put that web site in the next newsletter.

Mary Jane Tappen really appreciated our assistance for her trip to the World Championship.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia K. Christen


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