Business Meeting, October 11, 2000 Home of Myrna Unger

Attendees: Dawn Brown, Bob Prentiss, Paul Hiers, Lynn Powell, Toma Wilkerson, Rex Cleveland, David Yon, Paul Hoover, Brian Corbin, Julie Clark

Paul Hiers, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Minutes from the September meeting were distributed and accepted with corrections.

Dawn Brown presented the 10 mile Challenge budget. It was approved.

Toma Wilkerson discussed coming events for Chenoweth fundraisers including the pasta dinner and the wilderness run. She asked board members to assist with ticket sales for the pasta dinner.

Rex Cleveland presented a motion to purchase an answering machine. It was approved.

Rex Cleveland presented a motion to charge to club race budget all ads that are placed in the Fleet Foot after January 1st, 2001. This was approved.

Bob Prentiss presented and discussed the current budget.

The triathletes are planning a St Patrick’s Day triathlon. They are currently in the process of organizing this.

There was discussion about advertising the GWTC sales items in the Fleet Foot.

There are currently 954 members and 599 memberships. This is an all time high for the year.

The Women’s Distance Festival final budget was presented. The event raised close to $2000. 75% of this went to the Women’s Pavilion and 25% to GWTC.

David Yon presented an update on the Turkey Trot. He is working on getting school involvement.

David Yon presented an idea to incorporate an off season workshop and/or training program for the middle school aged children. Interest was expressed.

Meeting was adjourned.

Julie D. Clark


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