By David Yon


I know of no greater torture per stride than this race. Up and down berms, though sand, under branches, over branches and through limbs. You get to scramble up and down hills, around corners and across dirt roads. The only thing you won’t find is more than 10 feet of smooth pavement. But it is one of GWTC’s best races!

The top 8-10 runners took off in single file wandering around the obstacles described above. For awhile it looked most like a training run, with no one really ready to push the pace. Soon however, Paul Hoover was using his DEP backwoods experience to find the finish line ahead of anyone else. Peggy Simpson gave the masters a clean sweep of the overall titles by finishing first on the women’s side. The weather was humid and the course seemed plenty sandy this year. The race shirts were very classy sweat shirts that will make great wear as when the weather cools.

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