Patrick Dix edged Cody Johnson in the Red Hills Kids Triathlon on Sunday morning to win the race with a time of 18:03. Cody was just behind in 18:14. The top girl was Kara Taylor from North Florida Christian who finished in 20:15, fourth overall. Seventy-five kids competed as Bonnie and Felton Wright orchestrated the third annual Red Hills Kids Triathlon. The weather was almost perfect and the smiles were everywhere.

Complete results.

Bonnie and Felton wanted to say thanks to the following folks:

These people……
Brandi, Judy Alexander, Rick Ashton, Harry Detwiler, Lonnie Draper, Ruth Draper, Lisa Echeverria, Julie, John Englebrecht, Mary Gorham-Rowan, Tony Guillen, Randy Hanna, Karl Hempel, Ed Holt, Kay Jaynes, Jane Johnson, Bob Keller, Stacia Keller, David Knoll, Bill Lott, Sealey Lovett, Bruce Lynn, Chris Marino, Kathy McDaris, Matt McHaffie, Tom McHaffie, Karen Munoz, Paige, Philip Munoz, Jeff Neilsen, Alexis Newell, Kara Newell, Chrissy Pannier, Tom Perkins, Bill Perry, Lynn Powell, Frank Rudd, John & Lynn Sipay, Amy Stenberg, Michelle Stuckey, Mary Jane Tappen, Kelly Tucker, Maria Vivas, Sarah Williams, MJ & David Yon………are the reason that the Red Hills Kids Triathlon is such a great event for the athletes and their parents! Sure, Felton, Jamie and I get the lion share of thanks and appreciation, but we can’t do it without you and we’re grateful that we have so many friends willing to help us out. Felton, Bonnie & Jamie Wright