Reflections from the Flash - February 18, 2008

Joe Dexter

I heard from runners that the course was well marked (arrows and mile marks) and the volunteers on the course did a great job. The food was
excellent and there were plenty of awards. The only glitch was the awards. Nadine had returned from Orlando the night before and was exhausted. I should have had someone help her with the age group boxes. My mistake. Since there were no “special – designated” awards for Masters, Grandmasters and Senior Grandmasters those who should have been recognized still got their choice of awards, I just called out incorrect names.
I tried to make corrections, but am not sure I got them correct. Rest assured that, thanks to Peg Griffin and Jay Wallace the results, as printed in the Fleet Foot and on the GWTC web site are correct.

Also thanks to these volunteers: Bill Lott, David Yon, Mae Cleveland – finish chute, Katie Hall, and Mae at the Park water stop, Jerry and Andrew Maurey – registration and course, Judy Alexander, Jean Bowling and Charlie Yates at registration, Susan Ledford – food table, Sheryl Rosen, Andrew, Judy and Gene Opheim – timers and our two wonderful photographers – Fred Deckert and Herb Wills. A special thanks to Nadine, my co-director, who worked with me on all aspects of the race. Black beans and rice came from Carlo’s Cuban Cafe.

Though Nadine and I were dressed as Super Heros the real super heros were the 131 runners who all started and finished this 20th annual Flash 12K.

As always, this race was dedicated to the memory of Tim Simpkins.