The GWTC board did the easy part, now it is up to members to step in and do the rest.
On May 7-8 the American Cancer Society will sponsor the Relay for Life on the Leon High School Track. Teams will race/run/walk around the track in an effort to raise money to fight cancer. The race starts at 6:00 a.m. on Friday and finishes at noon on Saturday. That is 18 hours around the track.

Each team may have between 10 and 15 runners so we are looking for people to run an hour. GWTC has paid the entry fee for a team, now we need people to do the hard part and run.

In addition to putting in a great effort the idea is to raise money and the goal is to raise at least $100 for each team member.
So you have two chances to help – run or contribute. If you are interested contact Will at or David Yon at