Run to Poseys

a Christmas Eve Tradition

The annual “Run to Posey’s” began when a few GWTC members decided in 1980, that it would be a good idea to run from south Tallahassee to St. Marks via an old railway bed, a distance of approximately 15.6 miles.  They picked the morning of Christmas Eve to it and from that humble start it has become a running ritual for many members of GWTC.   It is not a race but rather a loosely organized event that generates miles, smiles and friendships. Nevertheless, 40 years later, runners are still making this pilgrimage. 

We all know 2020 has been a year filled with challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Run to Posey’s is one example. Most years, volunteers have placed water tables and Gatorade supplies for runners at a number of spots along the route.     Because of the complications associated with COVID-19, neither the volunteers or the supplies will be there this year.  So, anyone running on this day should be responsible for taking care of their own needs.

Because we know the power of tradition and understand that many people will choose to continue the Run to Posey’s tradition, the following tips are offered:

  • As usual, work out the details of your run with your own friends as to where and when you want to start running that day. People always jump in all along the St. Mark’s Trail. Some runners will likely still start at the beginning of the trail and run the entire 15.6 miles to St. Marks.
  • Make every effort to social distance as you gather to start your run, while you run and most importantly after you finish your run. Better yet, stay with your pod…those you have been running with and feel safe with. 
  • Bring your own water. No water or Gatorade will be provided this year.
  • The Riverside Café will likely open at 9:00 am that morning and they ask that you wear a mask if you choose to visit them.
  • Check these RRCA guidelines for running in a COVID-19 world.

Above all, please know that we have every hope of returning to normal in 2021. But for now, it is important to be safe and stay safe! Happy Running!