Running affirms life

By Fred Deckert

I find this a difficult column to write. Our normal subject matter seems so trivial after the events of the past week. The day you read this it will be one week after a terrible event in our history. But, most of us have found that along with the important day to day action that is required, even the trivial has its place. Our less important actions are part and parcel of everyday life, even though it will be a long time before we will feel “normal” again. It’s in the resumption of those trivial actions that everyday living will be regained. There have already been millions of words spoken and written, much of it of little value so I’ll try not to add to the verbal overburden. But, I think it’s important to realize that we have now joined many other nations who have suffered greatly by terrorist activities and that too much hatred exists in the world, so let’s not add to it.

As has been the case in difficult times before this, I’ve found that running or walking has been something of a release for the tension I feel. No doubt any type of exercise helps to dispel the gloom of watching TV or listening to the radio. We can’t lessen the pain of those more closely involved, but in spite of all, the world goes on and we must do so also.

While the scheduled race this weekend, the Music Mania 8K was not cancelled, the mood was somber and we urge all who participated, and the rest of the running community, to in some way try to aid the relief effort for the victims in New York and Washington.