The Tallahassee & Area Beer Mile IV was held Friday, August 6, at Mike Long Track at FSU. Jeff Bowman pulled away on the third beer, and never looked back, winning his second Tallahassee beer mile title by over eighteen seconds.

Bowman’s time of 6:59.04 was slightly off his city record of 6:56.54, but is still the second fastest beer mile ever run in Tallahassee.

Runner-up Herb Wills (7:17.31) became the second person to finish second in two Tallahassee beer miles. The master’s division winner was first-time beer miler Bob Fisher (10:26).

Tallahassee & Area Beer Mile V is scheduled for Friday, 3 December 1999.



1. Jeff Bowman 37 Miller/Busch 6:59.04
2. Herb Wills 39 Busch 7:17.31
3. Kayle Moore 31 Schlitz 7:53.44
4. Geoff Fenner 33 Budweiser 10:13.73
5. Bob Fisher 43 Pearl 10:26.48 (First Place Master)

Mike Maheu 29 Budweiser D N F

TIMER: Bill Lott

STARTER: Ann Bowman

RECYCLER: Brant Foster