Business Meeting, September 13, 2000 Home of Brian Corbin & Judy Alexander

Attendees: Brian Corbin, Sarah Doctor-Williams, Bob Prentiss, Nadine Dexter, Joe Dexter, Lynn Powell, Judy Alexander, Mae Cleveland, Gary Kenney, Tom Perkins, Rex Cleveland, Paul Hoover, Paul Hiers, Jeff Dougherty

Paul Hiers, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Minutes from the August meeting were distributed and accepted with corrections.

The Prefontaine budget was presented and approved. Jeff Dougherty announced that this would be his final year as race director for this event.

Mae Cleveland passed out flyers for Chenoweth promotion. She also recommended purchase of small item promotional items. The board approved up to $500 spending from Chenoweth fund for these items.

The Wilderness run will be the next big fundraiser for Chenoweth. Manny has volunteered to donate his restaurant and food for a fundraiser to be held on Monday following the Wilderness run (November 6th). Sarah would like to combine the fundraiser with a social. GWTC would provide the drinks.

The treasurer report and budget was presented. There was a long discussion concerning cash flow, spending, GWTC events not bringing in enough money, building fund, etc, etc?

The next social after the Chenoweth fundraiser will be the Christmas party. Sarah is collecting pictures of the “hall of famers”.

The membership drive has brought in 46 new members so far. There are currently 942 members representing 588 memberships.

The Chiles High Cross Country coach Gowan was asking about the use of GWTC clock and chronometer. The policy is that GWTC will loan this equipment to the high schools if 1) not in use by another function and 2) a person will be there who knows how to use and handle the equipment.

The Tom Brown Bash final budget was presented.

Paul Hiers announced that he will not be able to direct Springtime this year.

The November newsletter deadline is being pushed up to October 8th, because Rex will be going out of town.

The election committee was appointed by Paul Hiers. The committee members are Bill Perry, Bill McGuire and David Yon. The motion was approved to accept the committee.

Paul Hoover will be hosting the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.


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