September 14, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Bob Prentiss

Board/GWTC Members present: Judy and Brian Corbin, Bob Prentiss, Jeff Bryan, Mike Sims, Jerry Ongley, Bonnie Wright, Joe and Nadine Dexter, David Yon, Jane Johnson, Paul Hiers, Dawn Brown, Reid Vannoy, and Paul Ahnberg

Guest present: Susan Hormeling

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm and quorum was established. The August minutes were read and accepted as presented.


Susan Hormeling from the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association in Tampa came to speak about the running of the 25th Gasparilla 15k and how it will be combined with the marathon this year. Due to city conflicts and having a proper venue the date has been moved to the first weekend in January the 4th & 5th. She is trying to promote and encourage as many track clubs to pass on the information and attend the events. Any participant who wins all three events will win a brand new PT Cruiser.

Dawn Brown presented her budget for the 10 mile challenge this year. The board approved her budget.

Reid Vannoy request approval to apply to RRCA to make the Palace Saloon 5k race an RRCA Club Championship race. Herb Wills is assisting in this process and the race directors will rport back to the board on the outcome.


The revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws have been completed and were discussed. There was a discussion on who should get voting rights and it was agreed that this needs to be clarified so that there won’t be any misunderstandings as to how it is decided. Jane Johnson has offered to do a one page synopsis of the changes and have it posted on the website. The club also might possibly do a mail out letting members know so that it can be voted on at the annual meeting in December (Christmas Party).

Jane mentioned that someone approached her about buying the club member’s e-mail list and the board decided that they will not sell this information to anyone.

·Mike Sims presented the proposed schedule for the 2003 Grand Prix Series. The board will vote on the races next month.

David Yon opened a discussion about the Capital City Track Meet. There has been a decision to move it to FSU to be more accommodating and also open the meet up to everyone. Manny Joanas and John Citron have approached us about work and support and would also like to run the monies from the meet through the track club. Manny and John would still direct the meet. The club would have to figure out liability issues, if there are any conflicts with any other races and how to distribute the funds. Once these items are decided then board will vote on whether or not we want to do this.

·Lynn Powell presented the budget for the Women’s Distance Festival. The board approved it.

·Paul Hiers presented the final report on Tom Brown Bash. The race made approximately $200.

·Jane Johnson brought up the topic of starting a beginning youth running program to encourage younger participation in the track club. The program would be six weeks long and the goal race would be the one mile at the Turkey Trot. The age range has yet to be determined.


Equipment report – Joe has turned in money for several races that have used the clocks. He has been working on the issues of the equipment requirements. The cones are o.k. Marpan is giving us signs at a discount. Joe requested to increase the equipment budget to $350 to acquire the signs to keep us in compliance with city requirements. The board approved his request.
He also thanked David Yon and his law firm for sponsoring newspapers for the local schools to promote education.
·Race Director Coordinator report – No report.
·Clothing Coordinator – It was discussed that we need a current inventory of merchandise. Also Jody Spangler would like some singlets for the VMI run across the state.
·Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Financial and Budget reports. Handouts were distributed for reference. There was a discussion about whether people are paying for their ads in the Fleet Foot and that a policy needs to be made in order to verify that ads are paid for. Bob will clarify this issue with the newsletter editor and report back to the board.
·Membership report – Judy Corbin reported that there are 785 members represented by 456 memberships.
·Social Coordinator report – Bonnie went over the events happening for the social at the “Party Barn” this Saturday, September 14. She also encourage everyone to spread the word and sign up for the “celebrity dinner” social in October.
·Team Racing report – No Report
·Lecture Series – No Report
·Triathlete report – No report

Chenoweth report – David Yon reported that the Fall Fest is ready to go. The first 100 entries will go into the Chenoweth Fund and all entries beyond that, ½ of the entry will go into the Chenoweth Fund.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:55 pm.
The next meeting will be at the home of Lynn Powell on October 9, 2002.
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board


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