of the September 8, 2010 Board Meeting Hosted by Vicky Verano at Premier Health and Fitness Center

Present: Charlie Yates, Jeanne O’Kon, Felton Wright, Bob Macdonald, Jerry Chesnutt, Herb Wills, Seeley Gutierrez, Mark Priddy, Vicky Verano, Tom Perkins, Mary Jean Yon, David Yon, Judy Alexander, Bill Lott, Josh Logan and Jackie McDaniel

Judy Alexander called the meeting to order at 8:01 p.m. Quorum was established.

The Board reviewed the August minutes. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the minutes as presented.

New Business

Jeanne O’Kon presented the draft 2011 Grand Prix Race Schedule to the Board. A motion was made to approve the request, seconded, and approved by unanimous vote.

Gary Kenney informed the Board that the middle school cross country championships will be held at the Apalachee Regional Park on October 6, 2010. Start time is 6:00 p.m.; however that may change. He needs volunteers and has asked for anyone interested to contact him.

Mary Jean Yon presented the draft election slate for 2011 officers to the Board. The Committee on Nominations will continue to accept names of interested candidates until October 8.

Felton Wright reported that the Breakfast on the Track one mile race netted $831.89. As previously approved by the Board, one half of the proceeds, $415.94 will go to the Maclay Track Boosters. The other half was approved to go to GWTC. A motion was made to give the track club’s half of the proceeds to the Chenoweth Fund. After some discussion, the motion was seconded and approved by a six to five vote.

Felton proposed to the Board that a 2011 Grand Prix Fantasy Team contest be created for the 2011 grand prix season. The details of the contest will be finalized and published in future GWTC publications and on the webpage. The proceeds will go to the Chenoweth Fund. A motion was made to approve the creation and implementation of the contest, seconded, and approved by unanimous vote.

Jeff Nielsen presented a proposed budget to the Board for the upcoming Prefontaine 5k. There was a motion to approve the budget, seconded, and approved by unanimous vote.

Tom Perkins reported that the Miller Landing races netted $537.25. The profits are donated to the Chenoweth Fund.

Seeley Gutierrez and David Yon attended the recent meeting of the Canopy Roads Citizens Advisory Committee and Friends of the Miccosukee Canopy Roads Greenway concerning the Miccosukee Greenway/Welaunee Development. Seeley gave an update and synopsis of the meeting. Information about the development can be found at

David Yon presented a draft budget for the GWTC Turkey Trot. A motion was made to approve the budget as presented, seconded, and approved by unanimous vote.

David Yon was contacted by Joe Mizereck requesting assistance from the Chenoweth Committee with the startup costs of forming the Florida Youth Running Association. This Association will focus on middle school runners helping to promote, direct, supervise and regulate middle school sports. The Chenoweth Committee does not believe that this request falls within the guidelines of their mission and referred the request to the Board. Mr. Mizereck requested $2,300. A motion was made to approve $1,000. After some discussion among board members, the motion was seconded, and approved by unanimous vote. The Board also considered a request to serve as recipient of funds collected before the organization gains its 501(c)(3) status, but declined to do so because of a number of concerns.

Treasurer’s Report – Jerry Chesnutt
There is $10,033 in the Club’s checking account, and $77,411 in a certificate of deposit. The Chenoweth Fund has $12,220 and the Tri Club has $8,100.

Membership Report –Mark Priddy
The Club has 1,279 members in 681 households including 22 new members in 7 households this month.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Charlie Yates
Charlie is working on the 2011 calendar. He is still receiving change requests for the 2010 calendar.

Newsletter Report –Jackie McDaniel for Fred Deckert
No report.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Jackie McDaniel for Margarete Deckert
No report.

Equipment Report – Vicky Verano
Vicky recommends that all race directors read the race director’s handbook prior to contacting the Club for equipment. Activity is picking up with the large number of races being held. New signs are being made to accommodate the additional need for equipment. Bill Lott recently cleaned the storage unit. Directions to the storage unit will be posted on the website.

Website Report – David Yon
Upgrades are being made to the webpage by the host provider.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon
A request was made by Mickey Moore, Southern Scholarship Foundation, for $1,000 to be used as start up money for athletics for students assisted by the Foundation. The Chenoweth Committee approved $750. After discussion, a motion was made to approve $750, seconded, and approved by unanimous vote.

Triathlon Report – Robert Macdonald
Bob reported that the Tri Club has 230 members. Approximately 50 to 60 members attend the monthly meetings held the third Monday at MoMo’s Restaurant. Kevin Sullivan is scheduled to be the speaker at the September meeting. As previously reported K-Swiss is sponsoring a male and female elite triathlete from the Club. Seeley Gutierrez is the female club K-Swiss ambassador and Tony Guillen was chosen as the male representative. Due to injury, Tony is not able to serve, and Charlie Johnson has been chosen as male ambassador.

Lecture Series Report –Jackie McDaniel for Nancy Stedman
Nancy wanted to remind everyone of the movie and question and answer session to be held Friday, September 10, 2010, at Thomasville Road Baptist Church. Gary Griffin and Jack McDermott will be answering questions on ultra marathon and marathon running. Afterwards, “The Spirit of the Marathon” will be shown.

Training Report –Judy Alexander for Julie Clark
The Beginning Runners Group has started out successfully, with approximately 70 attendees the first night.

Social Coordinator Report – Kathy Lindsay
No report.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously at 9:15 p.m.


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