GWTC members spoke with their checkbooks at the May 6, 2000 Silent Auction. Over 100 people showed up at Brent and Jane Johnson’s home on a beautiful Saturday evening. The club raised over $4,000 in donations as the long list of items for auction was quickly reduced to zero. The bidding started slowly as people milled around, but as the 7:30 deadline approached it got very difficult to keep up. A week at the beach home of Alan and Janie Johansen went for $400+ dollars. Bicycles, plane tickets, art and massages were also popular events. In addition to the $4,000 raised through the sale of goods, Bob Campbell donated another $1,000 to promote new memberships in GWTC. Top that off with great food and a tremendous setting and it was a terrific evening.

The idea for this auction was “birthed” sometime ago by Sarah Docter-Williams after one of those never ending debates over “the budget.” Sarah demonstrated very convincingly what happens when someone carries through with a good idea. Ann Bowman made the commitment to help out and the two of them were off and running on the project. They never slowed down as they made this event a huge success by putting in many hours of work, planning and begging. Among other things, money raised will allow GWTC to keep up its aggressive efforts to promote youth programs, buy a new clock and equipment and other things. A very special thanks to the long list of people who donated items, spent money and help make this event a huge success!!