Springtime 10K Course

By David Yon

This is the home of Tallahassee’s biggest road race – Springtime. The course is all on pavement and runs through one of Tallahassee’s prettiest neighborhoods – Myers Park. This is a great place to run, but beware traffic can be a problem and there are no sidewalks in a number of areas. During the race, the police stop the traffic so it is no big deal. However, if you are running in the evening during rush hour traffic you got a big problem. So remember the warning – you are responsible for your own safety.

Monroe Street is the main street downtown and 215 is a few blocks south of the intersection of Tennessee and Monroe. The race starts just south of the bank building on the south side of Jefferson Ave, but north of the courthouse. To start, head north on Monroe toward Tennessee Street. Turn right on Call Street, the last street before Tennessee. Proceed down (and I mean down a steep hill) Call to Franklin Boulevard. Turn right on Franklin and watch out, there is no sidewalk and no room. You will find the one mile mark on Franklin at the intersection of that street and Jefferson. It gets a little tricky here – continue on Franklin under the overpass (that’s Apalachee Parkway on top) and bear to the left on Lafayette Street.

Now you must pay for that downhill on Call street you loved so much. Climb up Lafayette, under another overpass (this time for a set of train tracks) until you reach Myers Park Dr. Turn right and continue to the next crossing intersection and the first road you can bear right on. You will see the park on your right during this stretch. Bear to the right and you will still be on Myers Park Dr. You will see tennis courts on your right. Continue past Golf Terrace Road which dead ends into Myers Park Dr. Just past Golf Terrace the road will fork. Bear to your left on Van Buren St. Just before you bear left at the fork, you will see the 2 mile mark next to a no parking sign and near a telephone poll on the left side of the road. The second mile probably has the most elevation gain of any on the course. Not to say the next mile does not roll though. In fact right after the two mile mark you will fly down a short steep hill, only to climb right back up. Near the top of the hill you should turn left on Meridian.

This is one of the longest straight-aways on the course. Head south until you reach Thornhall then turn left. It is just a short jaunt and you reach Golf Terrace. Turn left, but stay on the right side of the island. On your right you will see Capital City Country Club. Stop and play 18 if you like, especially if you are ahead of me during the 10K. You will find the 3 mile mark on the right side of the road where Union Street intersects Golf Terrace. If you reach the end of the island you have missed it, but maybe you will be able to find the 5K mark which is right across the street from 1526 Golf Terrace. If you have been paying attention to these directions, you know that Golf Terrace ends at Myers Park Dr. Take a right and continue until you see Santa Rosa. Bear to the right on Santa Rosa and follow it all the way until it dead ends at Seminole. Turn right and run until you see Cherokee on your left. One block or so before Cherokee you will see the 4 mile mark on the left side of the street. For me this mile is no man’s land during the race. It has a lot of deceptive uphill grades that eat away at your time. But once you hit the 4 mile mark, you are headed home on two of the fastest miles on the course.

Turn left on Cherokee and go one block. Make another left on Alban and climb the last real hill. Follow Alban until it dead ends. Turn left on Azalea and follow it until it dead ends at Seminole. Make another left and proceed to the stop sign. Turn right on Circle Dr. and fly down the hill. At the bottom, with the duck pond off to your right, right across from 845 Circle Dr., you will find the 5 mile mark. Just past the 5 mile mark turn right on Myers Park Dr. Head back to Lafayette and turn left. This is your last chance to let it out on a downhill – so do it. Proceed under the railroad tracks again. Remember how much better you felt the first time you passed under these? The road will flatten out and then start curving up and to the left. Keep going until Lafayette becomes Meridian and then dead ends into Gaines St. You are almost there. Turn left on Gaines. The 6 mile mark is on your left a little ways before you reach Suwannee. Turn left on Suwannee and head for the finish. The finish is in front of the Department of Transportation in the middle of the crosswalk. Great job and stop cursing me for sending you on this hilly route or I will not tell you how to get back to your car.