Springtime Tallahassee is certainly one of the most well-attended scoring races that Gulf Winds Track Club handles each year. This kind of large-scale effort could not be successful without the help of the many GWTC members and others who step forward to volunteer. Getting up early, spontaneously doing a variety of jobs “as needed,” and helping all the way until the end of the event is what many of our volunteers did today on April 2nd, and we are very grateful for their help!

Race day’s hardworking volunteers included Bill Lott, Jim Deadman, Peg and Gary Griffin, George Palmer, Pam Breza, Paul Ahnberg, JoLena Pace, Dot Skofronick, Ray Hanlon, Stuart Wolcott, Logan Wolcott, Nadine and Joe Dexter, James Dexter, Bob Keller, Julie Clark, Linda Johnson, Mike Byrd, Shannon Sullivan, Dana Stetson, Jeff Bryant, Marguerite Matthews, Susie Perkins, Sarah Perkins, Peggy Smith, Jenny Jones and the Girl Scouts, Betty Winkler and Margaret, Sue Kelly, Lynn Powell, Jack McDermott, and the FSU volunteers. We have undoubtedly left off a few names, including some of those who volunteered to assist by giving out goodie bags, ribbons, finish cards, and medals.

We were blessed to have sunny and cool weather on the morning of the race, and even more blessed to have such helpful volunteers. Thanks to each of you for your contributions to the Springtime 10K and One Mile Run!

Tom Perkins and Jeanne O’Kon, race directors