By Julie Clark



There were 78 total participants in the Springtime Training Group. There were 65 actual participants and 13 Group leaders. 53 members of the group ran and completed the Springtime 10K. A relatively new runner, Simon-Serge Sablin captured the fastest time of 41:12. Simon started his running “career” in Nadine Dexter’s beginning running class last fall. Nobody was too fast or slow for the Springtime Training Group with race paces that ranged from 6:38-15 minute miles. This group was the most enthusiastic and fun group ever. The dedication and participation of the 13 group leaders and all the participants had much to do with the success of this group.

The following are persons from the Springtime Training Group who completed the Springtime 10K: Judy Bakstran, Sue Bickford, Jamaa Bouhattate, Jean Bowling, John Calhoun, Sara Cleveland, Charlie Chase, Jodi Chase, Seth Coffin, Kevin Coleman, Edye Coxwell, Joe Crook, Amanda Cuevas, Nancy Donovan, Dianne Douglas, Donald Douglas, Jeremiah Dow, Kristin Dow, Kathy Dunnigan, Kallie Ann Elliott, Peter Ellis, Li Feng, Mary Geringer, Steve Gould, Barrett Haga, Zac Hanson, Matthew Hobson, Christine Klassen, Sondra Lee, Michelle Mahana, Myriam Morales, Gordon Morgan, John Morrill, Suzanne Morris, Rebecca Payne, Kendra Preugschat, Rose Rodriguez, Simon-serge Sablin, Manan Shah, Michelle Stuckey, Salim Talib, Frank Terraferma, Betsy Thorpe, Georgia Vince. The following are Springtime Training group leaders who ran Springtime: Julie Clark, Nadine Dexter, Joe Dexter, Bob Fisher, Jimmy Kalfas, Edie McCarty, Chris Sumner and Maria Vives. Other participants include: Mike Boll, Jody Bond, JoAnne Bowden, Jamaa Bouhattate, Charles boyle, Patterson Calhoun, Frank Cerra, Brian Churchill, Vicky Crawford, Crystal Dowd, Gloria Lebroin-Colon, Jackson Maynard, Patrick McGinnis, Doug McAlarney, Estella Phelps, Susan Pourciau, Leslie Snyder, Nancy Sumners, Ana Sutherland, Josh Valenzuela, Katie Yaun and Richard Ziegler. Other Training Group leaders include: Jeff Bryan, Kathy Flippo, JoLena Pace (Springtime Results Coordinator), Tom Perkins (Springtime director and president of GWTC) and Luci Thomas.

Next year’s Springtime Training Group will begin on the first Monday after Martin Luther King Holiday next year time and place will be posted here.