By Julie Clark

I would like to thank the following volunteers: Mike Boll, Sara Cleveland, Nadine & Joe Dexter, Vicky Droze, Bob Fisher, Steve Gould, Linda Johnson, Kathy Lindsay, Bill Lott, Edie McCarty, Fran McLean, Jacque Myers, JoLena Pace, Mark Priddy, and Judy Shapiro. Without the dedication from these volunteers, this group event would not be possible.

I would also like to thank all of the participants. The numbers this year were pretty amazing. We started with 76 people on the first week, followed by 63 people on the second week. On our final week, we had over 60 participants. There were 60 persons who completed the Springtime 10K. All these persons deserve a lot of credit for their dedication and determination!

The following persons completed the Springtime 10K: Jackie Adams, David Adams, Ginny Black, Mike Boll (volunteer), Jamaa Bouhattate, Sheryl Brainard, Alison Brown, Geoff Bush, Kim Campo, Jodi Chase, Sara Cleveland, Seth Coffin, Joe Crook, Nadine Dexter(volunteer), Dianne Douglas, Don Douglas, Randy Dumm, Kathy Dunnigan, Vicky Droze(volunteer), Li Feng, Bob Fisher(volunteer), Tami Frankland, Steve Gould(volunteer), Diana Grawitch, Sarah Heath, Marty Hebrank, Dennis Hitchens, Monica Jackson, Sarah Jozwiak, Lena Juarez, Laura Kelley, Glenn Lang, Gary Liebert, Kathy Lindsay(volunteer), Edie McCarty(volunteer), Fran McLean(volunteer), Barbara McKibben, Larry Miller, John Morrill, Jacque Myers(volunteer), JoLena Pace(volunteer), Rebecca Payne, Betsy Pittinger, Kendra Preugschat, Mark Priddy(volunteer), Kathy Rossman, Mark Sandvoss, Judy Shapiro(volunteer), Christine Stabley, Ana Sutherland, Salim Talib, Frank Terraferma, Rita Tweed, Sarah VanWart, Lydia Veal, Vicky Verano-Crawford, Clint Watkins, Gee Wilson and Katie Yaun.

Other persons who participated but were not able to run Springtime included: Jean Ann Bowling, John Brazzell, Charlie Chase, Kevin Coleman (race volunteer), Birgit Cromartie, Joe Dexter (race volunteer), Sarah Beth Farnhardt, Ace Haddock, Ray Hanlon (race volunteer), Jenn Hoesing, Linda Johnson (race volunteer), Chris Judd, Susan Kaempfer, Sondra Lee, Bill Lott (race volunteer), Jackson Maynard, Roderick McQueen, Ken Misner, Billy Morin, Tom Perkins (race director), Bridget Potter, Kathy ReganFigley, Rose Rodriguez, Andrea Shaw, Jeff Townsend and Georgia Vince.

We will continue the Springtime Training Group tradition next year. We will meet again at Myers Park on Mondays starting in February. If anyone has suggestions for next year’s group, please contact Julie Clark (