Summer Grand Prix a huge success!

By Jeanne O'Kon

This year’s 8-week long summer Grand Prix was a great success, thanks to the outstanding effort of GWTC member Dave Rogers.

Every summer, the Grand Prix is held in conjunction with the weekly Tallahassee Parks and Recreation city-wide track meet at the FSU Mike Long track. GWTC members run a different event each week, starting with the 100 meter run, and increasing the distance each week. After a 5K run in week seven, participants are permitted to chose “pot luck” in week eight. Each can choose to make up an event they may have missed or try to improve one’s standing in an event previously run.

Dave Rogers kept track of all performances, and calculated individual and group standings in both the Open category and in age groups for males and females. Dave appeared each week with computer printouts listing the current standings and all results, which he posted at the track for all to see. He and his wife Carmen monitored the meets and made sure all results were recorded accurately.

The summer Grand Prix has become a well-received and well-attended event in recent summers, largely due to the efforts of Dave Rogers. The fast-paced and exciting 5K race between Gary Cato and Mark Francis on the evening of week eight (they finished literally one second apart) exemplifies how thrilling these track meets can be!

A follow-up to the summer Grand Prix will be the 100-meter invitational run, to be held immediately following the Breakfast on the Track One-Mile Run on August 26th. Only participants in the summer Grand Prix will be eligible to race in this prestigious event!

On the last evening of the summer Grand Prix, Dave and Carmen even provided refreshments for all participants, including Cuban cigars, champagne, sandwiches, and numerous other interesting items. Thanks, Dave Rogers, for your hard work on behalf of Gulf Winds Track Club!