Sunday at Forest Meadows

Running Group Name: Sunday at Forest Meadows

  • Organizer or main contact: Unorganized.  David Yon or Felton Wright
  • How to contact:  email:  David YonFelton WrightMary Jean Yon
  • Main purpose or goal: Medium to long run.
  • Typical work out:  Group 1 5-6 miles, 10 minute pace, some walking.  Group 2 10 miles at 8:00 minute pace.  A lot of variation though
  • When and Where:  Start at Forest Meadows Tennis Club 4750 N. Meridian Rd.  7:30 a.m. on Sunday
  • Number of participants:  Group 1 – 4-6.  Group 2 3-8
  • Additional information: Run is mostly trails on Lake Overstreet Property, Maclay Gardens and the Phipps Park Property.  Runners should either have a state park pass or contribute $2 to run around Lake Overstreet and Maclay Gardens.