The Tallahassee chapter of the Achilles Track Club (Achilles) was recently chartered. Achilles’ purpose is to encourage the disabled to participate in distance running with the general public for the sheer enjoyment regardless of time, speed or ability. Achilles’ philosophy is “getting the disabled doing the most they can.”

The chapter is only the fourth chapter in Florida and one of over 150 chapters worldwide with the headquarters in New York City. Achilles’ intent is to introduce and encourage the disabled to run due to its health benefits and its being easily accessible, inexpensive, breaks down barriers and is inspirational. Participants include people with all disabilities and all modes of “running”, whether on crutches, in wheelchairs, with braces, using protheses, or without aids.

Able-bodied runners are also sought to assist the disabled. They are needed to serve as comapnions to the disabled during the workouts and races, providing safety, moral support, conversation and fun. Membership in Achilles is easy and free and includes “coaching”, workouts, team t-shirts and a newsletter.

Donations are accepted and tax deductible since Achilles is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. For more information, call in the evenings to Lydia Burns at 421-4852 or Rich Mospens at 894-1750