By David Yon


This event set a record for turnout – turnout by volunteers that is. The second “downtown” running of the Tallahassee Marathon was supported by a huge volunteer base. Directors Gary and Peg Griffin, Dana and Susan Stetson, and Fred and Margarete Deckert made sure every turn was covered and the runners had access to plenty of water and fuel.

Tom Minor took advantage of the good will to win in 2:56:17, hanging on to beat second place David Yon (2:59:04) by 2:47. The rising temperatures took a toll on the runners as they navigated the hilly course. Bright sun greeted the leaders as they crossed Orange Ave. on Wanish Way just after the 24 mile mark and just before the beginning of one of the toughest uphill stretches on the course. The early race leader built a 3-4 minute lead, but could not maintain it and finally dropped out around the 17 mile mark. A packed of 4, including Minor, followed. Tom slowed at the end but found enough to leave behind everyone in his group. For the women, Martha Vidal from Tampa, Florida ran all alone to win the women’s division in a time of 3:13:51. Defending champ Carrie Weyant finished second with a time of 3:26:14. This was the second time recently these two women had battled. Both had outstanding performances at the Claremont Ironman Triathlon. Martha won that event and demonstrated her versatile talent by overcoming the heat and hills of Tallahassee to finish with a victory and a smile.

The Marathon also use age graded scoring to rank the runners. This methodology flipped the results in the men’s race, giving the fastest time to David – 2:47:54 – and a second fastest time to Tom Minor – 2:49:36. Martha Vidal was third overall under this system with a time of 2:54:28.

Ben Gaily drove up from Gainesville to run a 1:17:35 half marathon and win that title. Brian Corbin was the first GWTC and second overall finisher with a time of 1:23:35, just nipping the third place finisher and overall women’s winner Sarah Docter-Williams, who ran 1:23:37. Sissi Carroll was the second place woman with a time of 1:32:58.

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