Thanks for 2013

Mark Priddy, Race Director, February 2013

I sincerely would like to convey my appreciation to all who ran the 25th edition of the Flash 12k/6k race, and an even bigger hat’s off to all of the wonderful volunteers.

Looking over my notes, some 41 people volunteered to make today’s Flash an event which drew a record number of runners. If I tried to name every volunteer, my forgetful memory would surely leave someone off the list, and that is not my intention. I want to thank all of you who donated your time and energy to help make this race a success. Some of you spent many hours logging hundreds of registration forms into the data base (Peg Griffin), volunteering to take charge of the registration process (David and Mary Jean Yon), and contacting potential volunteers along with hauling materials and supplies to and from the race site, while paying higher gas prices with each trip (Keith Rowe).

Some volunteered space for pre registration (Capital City Runners). Some waived pavilion rental fees to host our event (City of St. Marks) Some opened their gates early to let us use restrooms and water fountains (San Marcos de Apalache State Park). Some donated supplies (Tallahassee Marathon, Publix Supermarkets, Florida Dept. of Agriculture). All of the 41 individual volunteers gave their time, talent and services, and it is impossible to put a price on that. Without publicly naming each one of you individually, I would just like say “Thank You”.

And most importantly, thank you to the record number of finishers (337 of you) who provided the energy, excitement, and amusement to the event (I loved the costumed runners!). I sincerely hope that all of you had a wonderful running experience and that you will make plans to return again next year.