The Penny Sales Tax


By Jack McDermott

After hearing everyone lament the loss of local trails I must remind everyone about the new Federal program. In the 1970s, the Federal government began giving seed money to local governments with the intent of transforming abandoned railroad tracks into running and biking trails. And thus, the national “Rails-to-Trails” program was born.

In recent years, federal bureaucrats have reviewed this program and determined that these running and biking trails are a waste of America’s greatest resource — prime real estate. Therefore, local governments have attempted to implement a new program titled: the “Trails-to-Shopping Malls” program.

This program has been very successful in the Tallahassee area. Once dusty trails enjoyed by rodents, snakes, and relatively few people with active lifestyles — have been altered to accommodate the general population in the form of Theme Parks, Strip Malls, Additional Lanes on Capitol Circle, Fast-Food Restaurants and Meter Parking. Not only that … with the proper government incentives, these concrete monoliths actually pay for themselves.

Therefore, I implore you to cast your ballot for this tax. And if you think it is too expensive — well — next time you go to the 7-Eleven and you see a “give-a-penny/take-a-penny” tray …. just be sure to take a penny.

Your “penny-pal” Jack McDermott

(This message paid for by the Ralph Nader for Presidency Campaign.)