By Felton Wright, one half of the directing team

1. When starting the swim, little girls are more afraid of the bugs on top of the water, than any alligators under the water.

2. It is possible for a child to get so excited at the start of the swim that he jumps in with his goggles still on his forehead and completes the entire swim with goggles only on the forehead.

3. It is also possible to complete an entire triathlon while biking and running with swim goggles over your eyes. (I guess this speeds up transitions.)

4. Kids getting their first massage think 5 minutes is a LONG MASSAGE.

5. If you run with a swim cap on, you don’t have to shave your head to be aerodynamic.

6. There is no rule that says little girls can’t bike with a purse.

7. Kids will trade a medal for 2 goodie bags.

8. Not all kids will remember to pick up their bike before going home.