“Today I ran…”


By Myrna P. Hoover

Yesterday Americans watched with horror the deadliest terrorist attack ever executed against the United States. Images too horrible to consider were played out, over and over again, on our television screens. Yesterday the world stopped. Today Americans begin to heal, to process what happened, to make sense of the senselessness, to restore some sort of “normalcy” to our lives and to once again feel safe and secure in our homes and at our places of work. Despite trying to engage in “normal” activities, the purpose of the day was different.

Today I ran for thousands of innocent people whose lives were lost in a senseless act of terrorism unprecedented in this nation’s history. I ran to show my support for the victims, families, and volunteers whose pain is incomprehensible. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters whose lives are forever changed. Today I ran to show my support.

Today I ran for my children. I ran to remind my children that Americans are a strong people and even when faced with tragedy and despair we will never give in to man’s inhumanity against man. Our children must know that we as parents believe in tomorrow, believe in peace, and believe in each other, so they can look ahead to their future without fear. Today I ran to give us hope for a better tomorrow.

Today I ran for the President and other government officials. I ran to support the people who in days and weeks to come will have to make decisions about war and peace that no man or woman should ever have to make. Today I ran to show my solidarity.

Today I ran for America. I ran for the basic principles of freedom that this great nation was founded on. Regardless of party affiliations, ideology, or differences Americans stand together when others threaten our rights and our lives. Today I ran to remind others we are proud to be Americans.

Today I ran for our enemy. I ran to show them that their barbaric acts may have hurt us but they will never break us. Americans will stand together as a nation and fight for our freedoms, not resting until justice is served. Today I ran to show all terrorists the resolve and strength of our people and our country.

Today I ran for me. I ran to calm the racing of my mind, the torment of my heart, and the helplessness of my soul. I ran to let the tears flow, the resolve form, and the determination come. I ran to find solace and some kind of peace.

Today I ran because I could.
Today I ran because others couldn’t.
Today, Thank you God, I ran….

I’ll meet you at the finish…