Troy Dunkley and Jillian Heddaeus rise to the Ten-Mile Challenge

Herb Wills, December 7, 2019

Yes, I know that since 1977 the name of the race has changed. The location has changed several times, too. The distance has even changed once. But I’m still calling this Ten-Mile Challenge the 44th annual.

Who knows that the next race director won’t bring back the 20K distance, or revive the “Big Bucks” name?

By any name or number, here’s what happened this past Saturday:

“Troy Dunkley and Jillian Heddaeus rise to the Ten-Mile Challenge”

 And here are some photos of the races:

If you want to do a lot of running, GWTC’s Ultra Distance Classic returns to Wakulla Springs this coming Saturday morning, 14 December 2019. For a last little bit of cross-country before the new year, plan on running GWTC’s Tannenbaum Trail 6K at the Apalachee Regional Park Championship Cross-Country Course on Saturday morning, 21 December 2019. Here’s wishing you, in this year and the New Year,

Smooth trails!

Herb Wills,