Tired of the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner?

How about these groups

Running Group Name: Turkey Trot Training Groups

  • Organizer or main contact: Thomas Biance and David Yon. Special thanks to Trail and Ski Shop for their help, including leading the 8, 10 and 12 minute running groups. Keith Rowe and the Winthrop Park Express have promised to join this group as well to make sure no one gets lost or has to run alone. a mighty thanks to this outstanding group. There will also be a run-walk group that will run 2 minutes followed by a 1 minute walk.
  • How to contact: Facebook pages: GWTC Training Groups;Thomas Biance; David Yon
  • When and Where: The Turkey Trot training group starts Fall 2019. The group will meet at the Southwoood Town Center, on the race course. This will be a great way to familiarize one’s self with the course.
  • Main purpose or goal: GWTC and Trail and Ski will work with runnners to help them prepare for the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. The goal is to have at least three groups going at different paces.