Volunteer of the Year 2013

Presented by Tom Perkins

The Bill Lott Volunteer of the Year Award is an award given to an individual whose body of work throughout the year has been above and beyond the usual effort. Where would we be without volunteers? We are a volunteer organization. All of our work is given freely for the good of the running community. There are individuals whose work needs to be recognized and this is the night we recognize that effort.

This honoree has been volunteering at a high level for quite a few years. A lot of his or her work has been under the radar of most club members. Our Volunteer of the Year was involved in a lot of GWTC functions, possibly 150 but no less than 114, just in this last year. The dedication, selflessness and responsibility of this individual are remarkable. He or she took on the toughest job assigned to them, analyzed it, streamlined it and made it more efficient. Everyone benefits when an individual goes that extra step, to challenge themselves and to make something better. Our volunteers put their mark, and thus imprint their personality, on the task. By doing so, they become the essence of Gulf Winds Track Club. They imbue their attitude, graciousness and love in all things they do for our running community.

There are many jobs in this club that require a lot of planning and time. As a race director, planning is everything. On race day besides volunteers, I need Bill Lott who this award is named after. Besides Bill, I need tables, cones, clocks, Bill Lott (did I say that already), water coolers, cups, trash bags and the list goes on. Did I get everything? If I miss something, Bill will let me know. Dealing with race directors must seem like you are herding cats. Tonight we honor a true cat wrangler and race volunteer as well.  As equipment manager for the last five years, she has seen GWTC assistance in local races grow by seemingly quantum leaps. In 2013, she made sure that 114 races got the right equipment for their event and had it returned to us. This total does not include GWTC Club races that she was responsible for as well. Our inventory has grown to where we now have two storage units to house it and can supply 4 or 5 races in a weekend. She has dealt with “no shows” and “I can’t make it on time” and never lost her cool.

With a positive attitude and a wicked good smile, she has always been a pleasure to work with over the years. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the 2013 Bill Lott Volunteer of the Year…..Vicky Verano.