Volunteer of the Year - Susan Stetson

Robert Morris

This year’s “Volunteer of the Year” has been an active volunteer for more years than I can remember. This person does regular volunteer work not only at races — but also helps runners in an array of other situations as well — sharing advice and training tips — and even lending travel reference books to other members who are embarking on journeys afar.

This person — over the years — has been spotted at all sorts of running venues — in Tallahassee –in Gainesville — in Jacksonville — and in other places about the southeast.

Our honoree volunteers regularly –not only at Gulf Winds races — but also at the City of Tallahassee summer track program at the Maclay School campus. This eight week program of Thursday track meets provides additional recreation and fitness activities for club members and for large numbers of the regional public. If anyone had a question at the summer track meets, this volunteer was frequently the “go to” person for a quick and accurate answer.

This year’s recipient might be short of stature, but is long on work, generosity and enthusiasm. This person has a spouse and daughter who are also very visible on the running scene.

This particular volunteer — quietly and effectively –enhances the fine reputation of the Gulf Winds Track Club. Our club has been described by some — perhaps with tongue in cheek — as “a drinking club with a running problem!” But, we are certainly a club that is blessed by a loyal and dedicated corps of kind and generous volunteers — and this year’s Volunteer of the Year brings great credit upon herself, her family, her community — and upon the Gulf Winds Track Club.

It is “my high honor and great privilege” to announce our Volunteer of the Year — the mother of Danice — spouse of Dana — she is our own — modest, humble, dedicated — hard working and lovable club member — Susan Stetson!