March Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Boll

This month’s spotlighted volunteer is Mike Boll, who always has a smile on his face and a positive comment to make. Mike is modest about his volunteerism, but make no mistake; he is always there with a helping hand when you need him!

I have been a member of Gulf Winds for several years now. I really enjoy going to the local races and seeing all of my friends at the events. When Judy approached me about being in the Volunteer Spotlight for this month, I was very surprised. I usually try to attend the events and don’t really consider myself a “volunteer.” Judy corrected me, however. She reminded me that I have helped at the Tallahassee Fitness Festival for the past 2 years. I help lead runners at the Springtime Training group. I help out in other little ways here and there too, such as when Nancy Stedman asked if I could help bring boxes to the start of the Marathon. I am sure there are other times I have helped out here and there too.

I think the point Judy was trying to get across was that even helping out a little bit here and there adds to the quality of the club. It helps make the races just a little easier for the race directors when they know they have folks who will pitch in and help out, no matter how small the job. 

My favorite volunteer experience is definitely the Tallahassee Fitness Festival. It is fun meeting the different people who attend the expo and talking about Gulf Winds races and my race experiences. Additionally, I get the opportunity to attend the festival. 

I enjoy helping out when I can because I know that everyone in the club, whether a race director, officer or whatever, is a volunteer. Without the help of these volunteers, there would be no club and no races. Since I know that right now I don’t have the time to dedicate to volunteering for a big job, I try to help out doing small jobs when I can. I would encourage everyone to do the same. If you can lend a hand after a race to help the race director pack up, jump in and do it. Every little bit helps.

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