With a little over a month remaining before the third annual RRCA National Run to Work Day (Friday, September 17th), the RRCA announced the winning slogan for the back of a new Run to Work T-Shirt. The design, submitted by Jim Walker of Leon County, Florida, will show the “No Parking” graphic followed by the words “No Problem.”

“I’m very happy about winning the contest,” said Walker, a member of the Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee, who hopes to run 13.5 miles home from work on this year’s National Run to Work Day. “It’s satisfying knowing I might be having an impact on a sport and activity I really enjoy. I’ll also admit to enjoying a bit of tangible accomplishment that I can share with the rest of my family, who can’t always grasp why I enjoy running and the association with other runners as much as I do.”

Walker’s winning slogan was one of nearly seventy entries submitted on the RRCA’s website (www.rrca.org) during the latter part of July. Others included “I’m taking my job in Stride!,” “Got Shoes?,” and “For Miami, is that a left or right at the Grand Canyon?”

The “No Parking-No Problem” T-Shirt will be available along with other Run to Work materials by contacting the RRCA national office at 1150 S. Washington Street, Suite 250, Alexandria, VA 22314, phone: (703) 836-0558, fax (703) 836-4430, Email: office@rrca.org. Existing Run to Work “bumper sticker” T-shirts include ” I Brake for Rottweilers,” “Honk if You Ran to Work!,” and “How’s my Running? Call (703) 836-0558.”

The RRCA introduced National Run to Work Day in 1997 to emphasize the role that local running clubs around the country play in fostering physical fitness in their communities. It is also a day to promote environmental awareness, runner safety and how enjoyable running can be. “We didn’t realize we’d be so successful when we started this event,” said RRCA President Don Kardong. “Run to Work Day has now helped solve two of America’s biggest traffic problems. Last year, we showed that running to work cures road rage, and now we’re emphasizing the way it eliminates parking hassles. Before long, there won’t be any traffic problems left for us to solve.”

The Road Runners Club of America is a non-profit organization of over 635 running clubs and 180,000 members across the United States. The RRCA chapters organize races, conduct training runs, provide safety guidelines, promote children’s and masters fitness running programs, and have social programs. It has funded 16 elite post-collegiate runners with over $72,000 in its Roads Scholar program over the past three years. For information on the RRCA or National Run to Work Day, contact the RRCA at 1150 South Washington Street, Suite 250, Alexandria, VA 22314, or call (703) 836-0558; mailto:office@rrca.org or web site at http://www.rrca.org.