Wednesday Evening Interval Group

Running Group Name: Wednesday Evening Interval Group

  • Organizer or main contact: Annie and Jeff Bowman
  • How to contact:  email: Annie Bowman.  Facebook
  • Main purpose or goal: Running Intervals for a variety of speeds and abilities -Improve 5 or 10k running times.
  • Typical work out:  3 miles of intervals on the track, with speed parts varying from 400s to 1 miles.   
  • When and Where:  Usually we meet Wednesday evening on the Leon HS track unless there is a conflict with the school.  The time does fluctuate due the lack of lighting during the long winter nights is at 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. with daylight savings. See the Facebook group for the time and place for that week’s training run.
  • Number of participants: 6 to 3 dozen.
  • Additional information: We usually meet after work on Wednesdays at the Leon High School track for interval workouts. Come here to find out when and where we’re actually running!