Where Were You in 1975?

David Yon

The Palace Saloon was one of the first Gulf Winds Track Club races; it was first run on November 15, 1975. A post-race summary stated: “We feel that there is a need for organized events in the Tallahassee area; because of this need, The Palace Saloon Race was created. Likewise, we urge you to continue to support events like this one in our area, whether through your financial help or through your actual participation in the runs. We hope you have enjoyed our race this year.” The entry fee was $2 and the race started at 10:00 at Natural Bridge. 136 places were awarded finish times with David Price and Janice Gage (now Hochstein) the winners. A few lead runners got some extra distance in before a volunteer got to the turnaround point to let them know they needed to turn around. Andy Burns appears to have directed the first run and probably wrote the post-race summary. It was no doubt an ambitious achievement.

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