By David Yon


Mike Labossiere, known to run a few extra steps in recent races, went to the front of the pack early and never turned loose of the lead in the Deer Lake 5K March 13. Chile Pepper winner Mike Sims and Tates Hell coach Hobson Fulmer followed behind. Last year’s overall winner Sarah Docter-Williams, settled in with a group of 3 others, including Karl Hempel, Pete Peters and me.
Mike went through the first mile somewhere between 5:30 and 5:36. By that time Sarah and her “boys” followed in around 5:41. Mike pressed his lead at the turn around and Sarah and Karl gave chase. Pete stayed close, while I dropped back after battling an attack Penguin. (Come to Monday night’s lecture at Myers Park – I have pictures to prove it.)
The out and back course was mostly downhill on the way out. So you know what the means about the way back. “Wrong-Way” Mike tried to make a left hand turn where the road forks on the way back, but an alert race worker waived him back in the right direction. Sarah and Karl fought a classic battle up the hill side by side cruising through 2 miles at around 11:35.
Mike remained comfortably ahead despite losing a few seconds on his near miscue and finished in 17:43. With less than a half mile to go Karl took advantage of a left turn to forge ahead a few steps and then motored down the last hill to finish in 17:47, four seconds ahead of Sarah’s 17:51.
Sarah ran 17:35 last year to win the race and was the women’s winner this year. Pete finished in 18:03, while I limped home with penguin wounds in 18:19. Mike Sims was 6th in a time of 18:35, edging out 7th place finisher Chris Teaf. Fran McLean was second woman with a 21:27. I did not get the name of the third place lady who went flying by Mary Jean in the last 100 yards. MJ ran 21:42 for fourth. 86 runners finished the race that was benefit for education. Click here for complete results.