Youth Extraordinaire

Presented by Ray Hanlon

Tonight I am here to present a special award for young people in our club.  Although tonight this is a “Special Recognition Award,” I hope the club will consider making it an annual award.  We have many young people in the club that like volunteering and obviously, they should be recognized.  Remember, they are the future of GWTC.  And GWTC is all about volunteering. 

I am humbled to be presenting tonight’s award to the young people that the Committee has deemed deserving (and I certainly agree).  These two people are long-standing members and they continuously volunteer.  We should all be proud of them.  I certainly am.  And I am betting that a lot of race directors feel the same way. 

I could not give you the number of races or events that I have volunteered at, but I assure you, it has been more than one!  I also could not give you a number that these two individuals have shown up and helped in some way, but I can assure you it is also more than one! 

They are not afraid to undertake any task.  Each of them has been known to operate the timing equipment used to record finishers as they finish the races, helping to set up the finish line, taking down the finish line, working in the finish line helping to keep runners in finish order, so the scoring is accurate, handing out finish place cards, helping with registration, working out on the course directing runners and hand out water at the aid stations, etc. 

If you have attended the GWTC summer track meet at Maclay School track, you have probably seen them volunteering.   Even the races they actually run (they are very good runners as well), they often still find ways to help, either prior to the actual races, afterwards, or during the races.

Each of them has shown that volunteering can be fun and rewarding.  This award confirms it is also appreciated.  You are doing your part.  Keep it up.  It will serve you well in the future, as it is now.  You are both a blessing.

And how could we ever, ever forget the “head waters” of Millers Landing!!!!!!

It is my honor to present this award to Ana Wallace and Alexandra Wallace.  Both of you are truly outstanding and extraordinary people and I am proud to call you friends.  I congratulate and applaud you for earning this special award.

Remember there are never too many volunteers for any race or events!!!!!