Summer Trail Race #3 Report

Herb Wills, July 25, 2022

That’s three races in the books in Gulf Winds Track Club’s 2022 Summer Trail Series. Just one to go! Here’s what happened in the penultimate event, the Maclay Gardens 9K on 16 July 2022:

“Leonardo Canete and Andi Vilardo each get a third Trail Series win at Maclay Gardens”

And here are a few photos of the race:

2022 Maclay Gardens 9K Trail Race, 16 July 2022

The Maclay Gardens race and, on 21 July 2022, the final Summer Track Meet complete Gulf Winds Track Club’s slate of July events. It’s nearly August, though, and on Saturday morning, 6 August 2022, the club will be at Maclay School hosting the 24th annual Gulf Winds Track Club Mile at the Breakfast on the Track. You can register for that at


From track, Gulf Winds Track Club transitions to cross-country with the Miller Landing Madness 8K, 5K, and 3K at Phipps Park on Saturday morning, 13 August 2022. There will be no water on the course this year, according to the completely trustworthy race director, Tom Perkins. Why wouldn’t you believe him? Online registration is at:

A week later, Gulf Winds Track Club’s 2022 Summer Trail Series concludes with the fourth race of the circuit, the Cadillac Trail 9K in Tom Brown Park on Saturday morning, 20 August 2022. Registration for the series is capped, so I don’t know if there are any available spots for the climax of this year’s series. If there are, you can enter here:

That makes three Gulf Winds Track Club events in August, a busy month.

You won’t see so many club races in a single month again till…um…September. Till then,

Smooth trails!

Herb Wills,



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