for July 11, 2018, Hosted by Katie Sherron

(These Minutes are pending board approval)

Board Members Present: Emma Spencer, Zack Scharlepp, Paul Guyas, Tony Guillen, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Chika Okoro, Judy Alexander, Mike Weyant, Kristin Halley, Kory Skrob, Katie Sherron, Tom Perkins, Herb Wills, Laura McDermott, Thomas Biance.

Others Present: Bill Lott, Robert Skrob, Thomas Biance, Jim Halley and Doug Bell.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. and a quorum was established.

The Board approved the June 2018 minutes. 

New Business

Prefontaine Budget 2018

Doug Bell presented the 2018 budget for Prefontaine 5K. The budget included estimated revenues from race registrations of $2,200, expenses estimated to be $1,007, with estimated net proceeds to be $1,193. Doug requested a 50/50 spilt to go to St. Francis and Chenoweth Fund. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget which passed unanimously.

Pot Luck Bash Budget Wrap-up 2018

David Yon presented the final budget wrap-up for the 2018 edition of the Pot Luck Bash.  Actual revenues from race registrations totaled $8,233, expenses were $7,076.57, with net proceeds of $1,156.43. Food was included in the expenses of the race budget and not the social budget. All net proceeds go to the Chenoweth Fund. Included in the expenses were four $500 sponsorships and one $1000 sponsorship. David asked if the Board would approve the mailing of the checks to the recipients. A motion was made and seconded to approve the mailing of the five checks which passed unanimously.

Miller Landing Madness Budget 2018

Bill Lott and Tom Perkins presented the 2018 budget for the Miller Landing Madness. The budget included estimated revenues of $3,843 (includes estimated race registration of $3,165), expenses estimated to be $3,788, with estimated net proceeds to be $55.00. Approximately 75% of participants do not pay to enter the race (free to under 18), 100% of proceeds go to Chenoweth Fund. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget which passed unanimously.

Women’s Distance Festival Budget 2018

Lisa Unger via email to the Board presented the 2018 budget for the Women’s Distance Festival 5K. The budget included estimated revenues from race registrations of $2,260, expenses estimated to be $2,248.76, with estimated net proceeds to be $11.24. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget which passed unanimously.

Old Business

 Membership System/Website Update

Robert Skrob gave the Board a quick update on the Member Clicks system move. He stated Peg Griffin is doing a great job with that transition but one issue has surfaced. For those members who have a Hall of Fame membership but also have family memberships, using the system it is difficult to keep everyone together for login purposes. Robert requested that the Board allow Hall of Fame family members to receive the same benefit of free membership. Following a short discussion on whether or not Board Members who are also Hall of Famer’s abstaining from a vote, a motion was made, seconded and passed.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report –Katie Sherron

Katie reported that as of June 30, 2018, the Club was $24,000 in the black as of the same time last year, she had budgeted $25,000. The balance in each club bank account is, $81,168.89 in the Operations account, $ 2,596.84 for the Events 1 accounts, $18,011.39 for the Events 2 account, $12,606.59 for the Triathlon account, $86,000 in the Investment and Reserve account and $ 11,292.71 in the Chenoweth Fund. Full financial information can be found on the website. Katie stated that there were two ways to create the operating budget for 2019, either use last year’s actuals budget or use last year’s budget.  A motion was made to approve the budget used last year for the next fiscal year, second and passed unanimously.  

Membership Report –Mark Priddy via Email

Mark reported via email that there are 1,358 members in the club as of July 11, 2018, which is 40 more on than last month. A total of 667 households are represented, which is 13 more than the previous month. The Tri Club has 218 members.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean gave an update on the meeting of the Green Committee for Katie Sack. The Green Committee met on Sunday, July 1, 2018 and discussed the idea of setting up a “Green Zone” at certain GWTC races that would consist of the following:

  • A table where people could leave their own personal water bottles. Volunteers would man the table and make sure runners’ bottles were full of water when they returned after the race. Coolers would be stationed at the tables. For those that do not have reusable bottles, we could supply them initially.
  • Have bins for compost, recycling and waste with well-marked signs concerning what goes in each bin. Volunteers would also man this operation.
  • Kat is going to consider having a big banner made for this area to attract people to participate.

We are looking at possibly rolling this out on a trial basis on August 4th which is the last of the Summer Trail Series. Jim & Kristin typically have a post-race party to celebrate the end of the 4-race series. The goal is not to do this at every GWTC race but hope it catches on so that race directors help make it happen.

There was also talk about purchasing some stainless-steel water bottles. The committee also talked about cups and whether there is a good eco-friendly cup we can buy in bulk for GWTC races to use at water stations on the race courses and to a limited extent, at the race staging area for people that don’t have their own bottles. However, the goal is to make sure everybody has a reusable bottle. It is possible some of our GWTC race directors have leftover bottles from when they had them as giveaways.

Newsletter Report –Fred Deckert

No report.

 Clothing Coordinator Report –Rachael Scharlepp

No report.

Equipment Report – Katie Sack & Bill Lot

Bill said everything was going OK at present nothing to report.

Website Committee Report –David Yon

Nothing new to report, Robert Skrob provided the update earlier.

Chenoweth Fund Report –David Yon

They received some positive comments from parents and children about the awards and the packet Mary Register put together.

Triathlete Report –Mike Weyant

Mike Weyant shared that the next meeting of the GWTC Tri-Club will be held on Monday at Momo’s. This month’s meeting will consist of a panel of local expert triathletes (Jeff Bowman, Stephanie Liles-Weyant and Kathy McDaris) who will answer preset questions on triathlon training and racing. The last Grand Prix race took place at Freedom Springs with over 40 active Gulf Winds Tri club members participating.

Lecture Series Report –Kory Skrob

Kory had nothing to report, she is always looking for new ideas.

Training Report –Tom Biance

Summer track training at Leon High School track every Sunday is going well.

Social Report – Vicky Droze

No report.

Trail Coordinator Report – Kristin Halley for Jim Halley

Jim provided an update on the Summer Trail Series, the series is almost halfway completed, they have had great participation, to the best of his knowledge no one got lost or died. They plan to preview the Maclay course, this is the first ever single track trail race at Maclay.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.


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