for April 13, 2022 Hosted by Lisa Unger at Premier Health & Fitness

Voting Members Present: Mark Priddy, Heather Vickers, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, Herb Wills, Jo Lena Bryan, Mary Jean Yon, Lisa Unger, Stephanie Liles-Weyant, Kory Skrob, Kendrah Richards.

Voting Members Absent: Judy Alexander, Philip Sura, David Yon, Tina Bahmer, Paul Guyas.

Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, Tarik Noriega, Tim Unger.

I. Opening and Introduction:
The meeting was called to order by Mark Priddy at 7:15 p.m. A quorum was established. The April 2022 agenda was approved without objection. A motion to approve the March minutes was made, seconded, and passed.

II. Old Business/Race Closeouts: None.

III. New Business: Tom Perkins spoke about the Summer Track series. It starts on the first Thursday of June. Approval has been obtained from Maclay School to use the track. Lisa Unger said that the Summer Grand Prix should be advertised better to let Club members know about it, and she will put information in the upcoming Fleet Foot. Lisa is looking for volunteers to help with this event and added that Chris Sumner should be contacted for timing. Also, shoes and leftover race t-shirts are given out at Summer Track, and Board members were asked to bring any they would like to donate.

IV. Announcements from the Officers:
Jeanne O’Kon announced that an additional Board host was needed for the June Board meeting, and Kory Skrob volunteered to host that meeting. In addition, Jeanne mentioned that additional volunteers are needed to help with data entry and timing for non-club races, especially for the Tails & Trails race on May 7th. Tarik Noriega volunteered to help Bill Hillison on May 7th.

V. Reports:
Treasurer’s Report: Peg Griffin announced that $216,131.77 are the total current assets as shown in the Treasurer’s Report. Mark commented that the Club is spending more than it is bringing in. Peg did a comparison with the year 2019-2020 (pre-pandemic), and the income is going down each year. These figures will be monitored over time.

Triathlete Club: Kory Skrob reported that the St. Marks Duathlon was held on March 20 and was successful. There was roughly a $2,000 profit. Club members held open water swims for the past three Mondays in preparation for the Red Hills Triathlon.

Race Director Coordinator: Mary Jean Yon reported that the committee structure worked well for the Springtime race. The race did well on sponsorships, with thanks to Jon Brown. There was just under 1,000 finishers. There will be a donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend when the final figures are calculated. There were over 100 volunteers recruited by Annie Bowman. Mark inquired about the Port-o-Let expenses and the 18 police officers.

Tim Unger indicated that the Momo’s gift cards awarded to the teams at Springtime were slightly problematic, because they initially couldn’t be used at all Momo’s locations. However, the situation with the accounting software for the restaurants will hopefully be straightened out. Tim has entered GWTC into the Gate-to-Gate race which is scheduled for May 30. GWTC hasn’t participated since 2017. Tim will not be purchasing new team singlets because he has several left over.

Pot Luck Bash will be held on June 11.

Newsletter: Kory Skrob reported that the next newsletter deadline is April 22. Kory needs suggestions for the Volunteer Spotlight. She is looking for a speaker to talk about safety for runners.

Membership: Jo Lena Bryan said there are 1,251 members (compared to 968 last year at this time). There are currently 695 families. The Google Group has 54 members. There have been six posts total so far.

Diversity: No report.

Education: No report.

Web Site: Nothing to report.

Chenoweth Fund: No report.

Merchandise: Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise sold several new merchandise items at Springtime and at other times.

Equipment: Bill Lott reported that there are no equipment issues. Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that in March, one Club race (St. Marks Duathlon) and two non- Club races (Shamrock Scurry 5K/1M, and Buck Lake Bobcat 5K/1M) were chip timed. During April, two Club races (Springtime 10K/5K/1M, and Palace Saloon 5K) and two non-Club races (Garnet & Gold 4 Miler, and Rose City 10K/1M) will be timed. For May, only one Club race (Summer Trail Series Race #1) and one non-Club race (Tails & Trails Half Marathon/10K/5K/1M) are scheduled at this time to be chip timed.

Grand Prix: Mark Tombrink reported that the committee decided to maintain the upper 5K distance limit for the Youth Grand Prix. During 2020, the committee created Masters and Grandmasters overall awards, but the current committee will not be continuing that. The regular Youth and Adult Grand Prix will continue as is. The committee plans to revise some applications to clarify the application for Grand Prix for non-club races. They will also start an “In Memoriam” segment to acknowledge club members who passed away within the past year.

Social: No report.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanne O’Kon


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