An Evening Worth a Smile...and Then Some

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

It is fitting that the GWTC Annual Awards Night fell on the eve of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 79th birthday.  The words above may sound like they were written by Gary Griffin to help a runner though an ultramarathon, but in fact they belong to Dr. King. Still, they very much describe how our wonderful clubs operates.

The Awards night is produced by the GWTC Annual Awards Committee which for this year’s ceremony consisted of Erik Andersen (chair), Judy Alexander, Eric Godin, Paul Guyas (also Vice President of GWTC), Vicky Verano, Maggie Wilson and Bonnie Wright. They are probably the hardest working GWTC committee.  They investigate and recommend races for the grand prix competition and they solicit nominations for the annual awards and select the winners. They organize the evening and purchase all the awards.  I should note, that while she is not on the committee, Peg Griffin does the scoring for the Grand Prix competition. Most often that includes scoring the races that make up the competition. The committee put on a terrific show this year.

As they become available, we will be posting the presentations and linking them to this article.  It is not a substitue for being there, but it it is a record of a great evening. No matter what I feel like when I park the car to go attend an awards ceremony for GWTC, I always go home with a warm smile.  I am presented with information about the great talent and dedication of so many of our members, and it is inspiring. But I am also reminded of the many people who reach out to members of the club who are struggling and find a way to lend a helping hand. Watching it all reminds me that there are days when we can and do fly.  But it also, reminds me that however hard it seems sometimes, if we just run when we can, walk when we must, crawl when it is the best we can do and never stop pushing forward we will be better for it.

Below you will find the night’s award winners.  Keep checking in as we will be adding pictures, award presentations and other details as we learn about them. 

Hall of Fame:  2017 Inductee:  Brian Corbin.  Award Presenter:  Michael Martinez

Cleveland-Caldwell Advancement of the Sport: 2017 Winner: Mary Jean Yon. Award Presenter: Bonnie Wright  

Male Runner of the Year: 2017 Winner: Charlie Johnson.  Award Presenter:  Tom Findley

Female Runner of the Year: 2017 Winner: Kat Sack   Award Presenter: Paula O’Neill

Male Triathlete of the Year: 2017 Winner: TJ DeVlieger.  Award Presenter: Charlie Johnson

Female Triathlete of the Year: 2017 WinnerJillian Heddaeus.   Award Presenter: Charlie Johnson

The Bill Lott Volunteer of the Year: 2017 Winner:  David Anderson.  Award Presenter: Gary Griffin

Race Director of the Year: 2017 Winner:  Elizabeth Rosario.  Award Presenter: Patty Ballantine

Community Award: 2017 Winner:  Tallahassee Comunity College. Award Presenter: Herb Wills

Special Awards:

                Future of Running: 2017 Winner: Carly Thomas. Award Presenter: Judy Alexander
                Never Quit: 2017 Winner: Carlos Zapata:  Presenter: Ithel Jones
                Dedicated Support of All Athletes: 2017 Winner. Stacia Keller  Presenter: Vicky Verano

Winners of the 2017 Grand Prix Competition:

Women, with an unbelievable 393 Points, Katie Sherron
Men, with an impressive 320 points, Charlie Johnson

The Overall Top 5


Sherron, Katie            14           393
Sack, Katie                 11           212
Heddaeus, Jillian         13           197
Barnes, Brittney           12           190
Rosen, Sheryl               8           177


Johnson, Charlie         11           320
McCurdy, Matthew      13           300
O’Kelley, Christopher  15           258
Halley, Jim                   15           169
Kiros,  Geb                  13           145