for February 14, 2024, Hosted by David and Mary Jean Yon

Voting Members Present: Jerry McDaniel, Jennifer Hay, Mark Priddy, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, Mary Jean Yon, Judy Alexander, David Yon, Elizabeth Kamerick, Debbie Peters, Robert McNeal, Beverly Harrell. Voting Members Absent: Herb Wills, Robert Skrob, Tina Bahmer, Allen Blay. Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Bill Hillison, Zach DeVeau, Jack McDermott, Carter Hay, Joe Edgecombe, Marty Kirkland, Charles Kelly.

I. Opening and Introduction: Jerry McDaniel called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. The minutes from the January 10, 2024 meeting were approved as written.

II. Old Business:
a. Bowlegs Run for Scholarship Closeout: Bill Hillison presented the budget closeout. The total revenue was $4929.54. The Net Operating Revenue was $3128.89. The Net Revenue to FSU Faculty and Friends was $3128.89 with additional direct donations of $211.00. This race raises money for scholarships at FSU. Motion was made and seconded to approve the final budget. Motion passed.

b. GWTC 30K/15K Closeout: Zach DeVeau presented the budget closeout. There were 177 participants. The total revenue was $4994.50 with expenditures of $4158.85. The net proceeds of $835.65 go GWTC, with $173.00 in direct donations going to the Chenoweth Fund. Motion was made and seconded to approve the budget closeout. Motion passed.

c. Swamp Forest Trail Races Closeout: Peg Griffin reported for Bobby York. The total revenue was $6244.10 and the total expenditures were $4750.82. The net revenue was $1493.28, with direct donations of $78.00 made to the Friends of Our Parks Foundation. Bobby would like to donate $500 of the net proceeds to Chiles Tennis and $993.28 to GWTC. Motion was made and seconded to approve the budget closeout. Motion passed.

III. New Business:
a. Palace Saloon 5K Budget Proposal: Bill Lott reviewed the proposed budget. The anticipated total revenue is $23,330.90. The expenses are expected to be $14,772.10. The net revenue will be approximately $8558.80. Last year there were approximately 1,000 runners. Charitable donations will go to First Tee Tallahassee and the Fixel Institute at University of Florida for Neurological Diseases. A 25-25% split to the charities with 50% of the proceeds to GWTC was proposed. The RunSignUp fees will be passed on to the runners. GWTC members will receive a $4.00 discount. Motion was made and seconded to approve the budget proposal. Motion passed.

b. Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50M/50K: Jack McDermott discussed the Ultra and his experience with the race in 2023. He feels that the USATF national event at the ARP on the same day reduced the Ultra registration significantly. There were only 39 finishers for a 10-hour race with 18 marathon finishers (there are typically 75 runners.) At the July, 2023 GWTC Board meeting, there was a proposal that passed to pay for 25 USATF registrations. Two races on the same day results in one race being affected, and it was difficult to get volunteers. Jack is concerned that there was no compromise with the club to balance the two events. The USATF event will not be held in Tallahassee again for 3-4 years.

c. Donation to the Friends of our Parks nonprofit at Torreya: Joe Edgecombe and Marty Kirkland reported that the Panhandle Runners club of Panama City is phasing out, so they are donating their existing funds to help repair bridges and benches on the trail in Torreya State Park. He inquired whether GWTC would be willing to donate some funds to help improve the safety of the Torreya Park trail. Many hikers and runners use the park. RRCA emphasized that the funds can be donated to the nonprofit. The Panhandle Runners will present their check to the Friends of our Parks at Torreya on Feb. 29. Board members inquired as to how it could be verified that the funds were spent on the desired areas. Perhaps funds could be put in a holding account or trust so they can be used when the needs assessment is made. More detail is needed before this can be voted on. A show of hands indicated that the Board was split on deciding whether to donate funds unless adequate information is provided, with Jerry splitting the tie. The majority of Board members did not want to make the donation.

d. GWTC Family/GWTC Triathlon Family Memberships: Robert McNeal is now the Membership Director. The current wording about the family membership permitted individuals not residing at the same address to still be under the same family membership. Robert proposed that all members in a family membership must reside in the same household at the same address. An additional issue is the “Hall of Fame” membership. Some individuals sign up for “Hall of Fame” to receive discounts on RunSignUp for race registration even though they are not in the GWTC Hall of Fame. Robert will continue to delete these erroneous memberships.

e. World Athletics Cross Country Championships Tallahassee in 2026: Jerry reported that Taylor Wheaton asked if someone in GWTC would like to be an Executive Director of this event.

IV. Announcements from Officers:
Jennifer Hay reported that the group run coordinators are planning a social at The Edison on Feb. 19.

Jerry reported that he has received some phone calls about putting on additional 5K races. Seminole Boosters is one of the groups that contacted him. The Bluebird Run for Brookie B. has a new race director who is concerned about the details and needs help, especially with the race course and the markers. Peg, David, and Jerry will meet with the Department of Agriculture & Consumer confirm the charitable contributions act is being followed. He also announced that Habitat for Humanity asked for a donation of $100 for their 5K race event on March 23, which was declined by the Board. They now asked that GWTC have a table at their event without the donation. Robert McNeal volunteered to have the table at the event. The Capital Regional Transportation Agency will hold a meeting about bike safety next week. Jerry is also named in a county resolution to craft a management plan for the Miccosukee Greenway. It will then go to a group at DEP for approval and then back to the county.
Jerry has recruited Rebekah Mayfield as the Volunteer Coordinator for GWTC. She will create a bank of organizations and people that race directors can call on. This includes schools and school counselor contact information.

V. Reports:

a) Treasurer’s Report: Peg reported that 1099s have been filed with the IRS. The annual report has been filed with the Division of Corporations. The assets currently total $299,127.08, and the net revenue from July 2023 to January 2024 is $70,528.31. Expenses are down by about $20,000.00 compared to last year.

b) Triathlete Club: The Duathlon is scheduled for Sunday, March 3. Volunteers sign up through RunSignUp. The ROTC in Wakulla will be volunteering. Volunteer hours are important for high school students. Beverly is the director of the committee organizing the Duathlon.

c) Race Director Coordinator: Mary Jean reported that the beneficiary checks from the Turkey Trot have been delivered, including the direct donations. The amounts given to the three charities are: Boys & Girls Clubs: $ 13,384.35; Kearney Center: $13,208.32; and Refuge House: $13,729.35. Felton and Bonnie Wright held a successful marathon last weekend. The number of total finishers in the marathon, half-marathon, and relay teams was 1315 (220 in the marathon, 998 in the half-marathon, and 33 relay teams with 4 members). Race directors will meet on Feb. 18th at 4:00 p.m.

d) Newsletter: No report.

e) Membership: Robert McNeal reported that there are currently 1278 individual memberships (1146 last year at this time) and 733 family memberships (662 last year at this time).

f) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Gabrielle Gabrielli sent a report stating that Black Girls Run Tallahassee had a strong showing at the marathon: 12 volunteers and 15-20 racers. It was the first marathon for one member and the first half-marathon for two members.

g) Education and Lecture: Mark Tombrink asked for suggestions about what could be offered in the lecture series. A social followed by a lecture is one possible idea. Late Sunday might be better than Thursday meeting times. A variety of locations with food and drink available and possible topics were discussed.

h) Website: Nothing to report.

i) Chenoweth Fund: Nothing to report.

j) Merchandise: Sherri Wise sold several items at the Tallahassee Marathon Expo.

k) Equipment: Bill Lott reported that after the Tallahassee Marathon, it was reported that the spigot on one of the new 5-gallon coolers was leaking. If it cannot be repaired, the spigot will be replaced for an estimated $10.00. The batteries in the small, single-sided flip digit race clock were found not to be able to hold a charge and were replaced. The total cost of the two replacement batteries was $47.28. There are not enough safety vests for all Tallahassee Marathon volunteers. A determination will be made as to how many should be purchased for next year’s race and for the Springtime Tallahassee 10K/5K/1m. There are no other equipment issues to report.

l) Chip Timing: In January, three Club races (Swamp Forest Trail Run; GWTC 30K/15K; and Bowlegs 5K/1 Mile Run for Scholarship) were chip timed. During February, two Club races (Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon/Marathon Relay; and Flash 12K/6K) and one non-Club race (MAD Dash 10K/5K/1M) are scheduled to be timed. In March, only one non-Club race (Shamrock Scurry 5K/1M) and one Club race (St. Marks Duathlon) are scheduled to be chip timed.

m) Grand Prix: Lisa Unger sent a report in her absence. The Grand Prix Committee members are now: Lisa Unger, Jennifer Hay, Joe Vega, Jeanne O’Kon, Chris O’Kelley, Debbie Peters, and Elizabeth Kamerick. Nico Wienders sent Lisa a very nice “thank you” message for the Grand Prix awards. Those awards that were not picked up can be picked up at REI. Lisa is scoring the 2024 Grand Prix races now. Debbie Peters volunteered to send e-mails to those winners who have not picked up their awards.
Bill Lott reported that some club members who raced the Marathon did not meet the cut-off time limit of “Under six hours.” They would not meet the Grand Prix requirements. Peg indicated that the official results do not show anyone who came in after six hours. Bill wanted to make sure that people were aware of this requirement. The Grand Prix Committee is reviewing this.

n) Social: No report.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 p.m.

Jeanne O’Kon, Secretary


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