for May 8, 2024, Hosted by Debbie Peters

Voting Members Present: Jerry McDaniel, Mark Priddy, Jeanne O’Kon, Mary Jean Yon, David Yon, Elizabeth Kamerick, Debbie Peters, Robert McNeal, Tom Perkins, Mark Tombrink. Voting Members Absent: Peg Griffin, Jennifer Hay, Judy Alexander, Herb Wills, Robert Skrob, Tina Bahmer, Allen Blay, Beverly Harrell. Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Lisa Unger.

I. Opening and Introduction:

Jerry McDaniel called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. The minutes from the April 10, 2024 meeting were approved as written.

II. Announcements from Officers:

Jerry was contacted by Kelsey from Vino Bino, a coffee/wine bistro, and they are interested in vending at club events. They have a wine tasting event on Wednesday at 7:00. Jerry asked Mary Jean to let the race directors know that this is a possible vendor that could be at their race events. Jerry is still trying to get Taylor Wheaton to attend a Board meeting or meet with a smaller group of members. Nico Wienders is interested in offering a movie event, and Mark Tombrink will reach out to him.

At the last meeting, the Marathon budget was closed out, and there was some discussion about the charitable contribution to the Friends of the Miccosukee Greenway. Bonnie and Felton Wright have asked to hold the $3,000 donation for now. A motion was made and seconded to hold this donation until the race directors communicate how the money should be used. Motion passed.

Jerry was contacted by the Transportation Engineers from DOT. They want to designate September as “Pedestrian/Cyclists Safety Month.” They would like to come to one or more of the club races and set up a tent. The Women’s Distance Festival is one race they can attend.

III. Old Business:

a. Update on Miccosukee Greenway: Jerry attended a meeting yesterday about the Greenway Management Plan. They are putting a camera at the Fleischmann entrance to the trail head, since there have been car break-ins. A temporary bridge is being installed to deal with the flooding issues that have resulted from the construction nearby. Another bridge is being re-built. A water fountain will be installed at the Crump entrance. Some of the roads that are possibly being added are seen as controversial, and there is a meeting on May 21 about the roads. Jerry asked David Yon to attend the meeting.

b. Policy for On-site vendors at GWTC events: No information yet.

c. Policy on posts to RunSignUp: Board members discussed the types of messages that can be posted on the site. Race directors have the ability to send e-mail to those who are registered currently for their race or those who registered in the past. There should be an approval required for those who want to send a message to the entire GWTC membership. Jerry proposed that race directors should only send out e-mails relative to their own races. Messages to the entire membership should be approved by the president or vice-president before they are sent. Only Robert and Peg have access to the entire database. Special events can be handled in this way, too. Mary Jean will work on refining this policy. There are two groups: (1) race directors, training groups, SMIRFS, and (2) broader messages to every member about a club event (these need approval).

d. Update on Junior Women’s Club Female Speakers: Rebekah Mayfield will inform the Board about the times and dates of the upcoming meetings.

IV. New Business:

a. Women’s Distance Festival: Lisa Unger presented the budget proposal based on 100 runners. She has asked Lululemon to sponsor again as they did last year, and has not heard back yet. The anticipated revenue is $2,640 and the total anticipated expenditures are $2.636. Motion to approve the budget proposal was made and seconded. Motion passed.

b. Use of Maclay School track and FSU track: Last December, Bill Lott reported that Tom, David, Gary, and Bill met with Bob Braman and Bernie Waxman at FSU, to discuss the use of the FSU track. Bob Braman contacted Tom a few months ago and asked if GWTC would be interested in paying a $10,000 fee and donating $5,000 to a Stanley Linton scholarship per year. Board members did not support this expenditure. For the Summer Track series being put on at Maclay School track, the school administrators are now requesting that GWTC pay $200 a week to use the track ($100 an hour). In the event of rain, GWTC will not be charged. Jerry received an update on the use of the Holy Comforter track, which would be used free of charge in the future (not this summer).

V. Reports:

a. Treasurer: As of April 3, 2024, net assets are $250,192.30, and net revenue as of the same date is $21,592.03.

b. Triathlete Club: No report.

c. Race Director Coordinator: On May 5th, a 5K race was held at Gadsden Correctional Facility. There is a film called “26.2 to Life” about incarcerated people at San Quentin Prison in California. Mary Jean would like the film producers to come to GCF to make a similar film. It is difficult to get approvals for this. ESPN did a debut of the film and it is streaming on ESPN+. Mary Jean will try again to get permission to show the film and get the producers to consider filming at GCF. The next race will be held at GCF in July. Anyone interested in participating with the race should contact Mary Jean. Another race directors meeting will be held in the near future.

d. Newsletter: No report.

e. Membership: Robert McNeal reported that there are currently 1298 members (1181 last year at this time), and 710 memberships (676 last year at this time).

f. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Chika Okoro represented GWTC at the Sportsability event on April 20.

g. Education and Lecture: Mark Tombrink reported that the lecture by Amy Hassell was well-attended and there was great interest in the topic. For future lectures, he will follow up with Gabrielle and Chika about the topic of running with persons with disabilities. Jerry suggested contacting Nico, also. There is an opening at Chiles High School for an assistant cross country coach after school Monday through Friday starting in August.

h. Website: The website appearance is currently being improved.

i. Chenoweth Fund: Pot Lock Bash is coming up in June. David Yon indicated that he could use additional coaches to help with the SMIRFS group starting on June 3rd.

j. Merchandise: No report.

k. Equipment: No equipment issues to report. Elizabeth requested a budget for the Beginning Running Group to purchase new beepers at a cost of $20 each. She will bring information and a proposal to the June meeting.

l. Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that in April, GWTC chip timed one non-Club race (NeSmith Way 5K) and two Club races (Springtime 10K/5K/1M; and Palace Saloon 5K). During May, one non-Club race (Tails & Trails Half Marathon/10K/5K/1M) and one Club race (Summer Trail Series Race #1 – Cadillac Trail) will be timed. Scheduled to be timed in June are one non-Club race (Monticello Kiwanis Cub 5K Watermelon Run) and two Club races (Great Potluck Bash 4 Mile Prediction Run; and Summer Trail Series Race #2 – Redbug Trail).

m. Grand Prix: Lisa reported that Allen Blay helped her develop a Google Doc that will be used for Volunteer reporting. Runners ages 14 and Under do not have to report their hours. Lisa is preparing a report for the 2024 Annual Awards, but does not have all the invoices yet. She has not finished working with the Palace Saloon results because there are a few discrepancies in the results. There are also some policy updates that are needed for the Grand Prix. A few parents have complained that the 10-14 group is not competitive, so that is one change that the Grand Prix committee will propose.

n. Social: No report.

Meeting adjourned: 8:33 p.m.

Jeanne O’Kon, Secretary


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