for September 13, 2023, Hosted by Debbie Peters

Voting Members Present: Jerry McDaniel, Jennifer Hay, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Mary Jean Yon, Mark Tombrink, Allen Blay, Mark Priddy, David Yon, Tom Perkins, Chris O’Kelley, Judy Alexander, Debbie Peters, Lisa Unger, Eric Trombley. Voting Members Absent: Robert Skrob, Jo Lena Pace, Tina Bahmer. Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Mae Cleveland, Carter Hay, Bonnie Wright.

I. Opening and Introduction:

Jerry McDaniel opened the meeting at 7:01 p.m. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2023 meeting with one edit. Motion was seconded and passed.

II. Old Business:

a. Breakfast on the Track One Mile Closeout: Bonnie Wright reported revenue of $2,120.03, and expenses of $2,560.50, for a net loss of $440.47. She announced that after 25 years of directing the event, she and Felton are retiring as BOT race directors. Bonnie mentioned a couple of possible members who might consider becoming the race directors. Motion was made and seconded to approve the race closeout. Motion passed.

b. Miller Landing Madness 8K/5K/3K Closeout: Bill Lott reported revenue of $9,075.73 and expenses of $10,506.92, for a net loss of $1,431.19. Donations were received for the Chenoweth Fund in the amount of $232.00, and to Second Harvest of the Big Bend in the amount of $940.00. The race collected 1,620 pounds of canned food for Second Harvest. Motion was made and seconded to approve the race closeout. Motion passed.

c. Summer Trail Series Closeout: Peg reported for Bobby York revenue of $12,408.92 and expenses of $10,005.58, for a net revenue of $2,403.34. Motion was made and seconded to approve the race closeout. Motion passed.

d. Update for In Memoria Legacy section on the GWTC web page: Mae Cleveland reported that she appreciates the Board supporting this effort. People will be
acknowledged who have been major contributors to the club’s development. The page will go live tomorrow on the anniversary of Rex Cleveland’s death. Discussion ensued as to how future club members will be selected or not selected to be honored in this section of the web page. Board members will vote as to which memorials for deceased club members will be placed in that section in the future.

e. Group Run Update: Jennifer Hay reported that the Facebook page has a lot of activity. It is only open to club members, and those who aren’t members are sent to the GWTC page and encouraged to join. The new coordinators are hosting a run every Wednesday.  More men are needed to host runs and participate in the groups. There is a Turkey Trot training group.

New Business:

a. Swamp Forest Trail Races 2024 Proposed Budget: Peg presented Bobby York’s proposed budget. He anticipates revenue of $6,050.00, and expenses of $4,520.00, for a net revenue of $1,530.00. Sarah Glassner will be co-directing the 2024 races with Bobby. Motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed budget. Motion passed.

b. First Day Bikes/DEP: Jerry reported that the DEP is organizing three events on Sunday, October 1st on the St. Marks Trail. Jerry recruited volunteers to work at a table with a tent that morning, and race directors can donate shirts or other items. Herb Wills will be asked to set up a Facebook event.

c. RRCA Runner Friendly Communities: Mark Priddy reported that the RRCA “Runner Friendly” designation is good for five years. GWTC was on the list for 2017-2022, and Judy Alexander applied for it. Endorsements are needed for cities to be added to the
list. Mark applied for this year, but Tallahassee was not selected. He will re-submit the application for next year.

d. Upcoming Board Election/Nominating Committee: Mark needs to know who is running for the officer and Director-at-Large positions for the coming year. He must present a slate to the Board at the October meeting, according to the Bylaws. The same software will be used that was used last year.

e. Financial Controls: Allen Blay found that there is nothing in the Bylaws about financial controls. Allen and Peg found a document previously composed by Bill Hillison, and Allen is revising it. There should be a statement about the 990 and other items. He distributed the draft to Board members to solicit input.

Announcements from Officers: None.


a. Peg reported as of August 31 net assets are $208,384.45, and a net loss of $20,214.32. She explained that the bulk of the net loss resulted from Turkey Trot expenses that have been incurred, and that revenue would begin to flow into the account next month.

990: Peg had provided a copy of the draft 990 and asked for Board approval to file it. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to authorize Peg to file the 990 with the IRS once all officers and Board members have signed the annual Conflict of Interest Policy.

b. Triathlete Club: Eric Trombley reported that the Tri Club is geared up for elections for their open Board member seats. A list of duties is provided for each position. There are nine members on the Board. Ironman Florida is coming up, and then the Half Ironman in Augusta. A new kit and new club t-shirts are being prepared.

c. Race Director Coordinator: The next meeting will be on Sept. 17 at the Yon’s house. Mary Jean was approached by Anita Hicks, who lives in Oxbottom Manor. She is part of a group of walkers and they want to hold a run/walk for their neighbors. She is looking for a mentor to figure out what steps she needs to take to hold it on Nov. 18. She has a committee and volunteers, but needs guidance to carry it out.

d. Newsletter: No report.

e. Membership: Jerry reported for Jo Lena. There are currently 1217 members (1306 last year at this time), and 688 households (715 last year at this time).

f. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee: Gabrielle Gabrielli sent a report stating that Danny Manausa is waiting on the names of the children from the IRC so they can hopefully launch the program in October.

g. Education and Lecture: Mark Tombrink reported that Deputy Chris Smith and Shannon Smith will present a lecture on Runner Safety at Oology on Thursday. In October, Dr. Brian Burnette will do a presentation on Injury Prevention and Overall Health. Board members discussed the budget for such events, and that amount needs to be verified.

h. Website: The new In Memoria page will be live tomorrow.

i. Chenoweth Fund: No report.

j. Merchandise: Jeanne gave a report for Sherri Wise, who suggested that the club merchandise could be sold at the Cadence running store. Members mentioned that setting up clothing sales at the Turkey Trot and the Marathon produces a lot of revenue. Different ways of recruiting volunteers for this position were discussed. Someone is also needed to create new merchandise. Debbie Peters volunteered to sell merchandise at local races. Debbie will talk to Laura and Sherri about the responsibilities associated with the position.

k. Equipment: Nothing to report.

l. Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that in August, three Club races (Breakfast on the Track One Mile, Miller Landing Madness 8K/5K/3K, and Summer Trail Series Race #4 – Cadillac Trail) were chip timed. During September, one non-Club race (Bluebird Run for Bookie B. 5K) and three Club races (5K for Sickle Cell Anemia/Tim Simpkins One Mile, Women’s Distance 5K/One Mile, and Salute to Steve Prefontaine 5K Forest Run/One Mile) will be chip timed. For October, only one race (Pine Run 20K) is currently scheduled to be chip timed.

m. Grand Prix: Lisa Unger reported that they have scored the Grand Prix points for the Bluebird Run for Bookie B. 5K. The committee members are working on plans for the Annual Awards.

n. Social: No Report.

Motion to adjourn was made. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


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