S.M.I.R.F.S. (Summer Mornings Include Running Fun)

A youth summer running program sponsored by the City of Tallahassee and Gulf Winds Track Club

Each summer beginning June the City of Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs and by Gulf Winds Track Club team up for this youth running program. The program’s goal is to provide opportunities for students in elementary, middle and early high school to improve their running skills and endurance during the summer months. The program is recommended for students age 9 and above.

· The first day for the 2019 program is usually in early June.

· The practices usually begin at 7:45 a.m. each week day. Runners should arrive by 7:30 a.m., and start warming up.

· Practices usually end at 9:00 a.m.

The SMIRFS have laid claim to one of the most beautiful areas in the city ‐ Elinor Klapp‐Phipps Park, 670 acres of protected land along the bank and in the watershed area of Lake Jackson. The trails are magnificent and home to many GWTC races (Pot Luck Bash for example) and several high school cross country meets. Experienced and knowledgeable coaches will provide instruction and supervision during the workouts. Tom Brown Park is the Tallahassee location for outdoor activity. There are paved trails, like Goose Pond and unpaved trails like Lake Heritage Trail Park. It is a great way to learn to love running.

Want to join the team? Look for information in early summer, and register here at RunSignUp, and receive our “Welcome to the SMIRFs” package. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page. Email or call one of the names below if you are interested in coaching or have any questions about the program.

1. Lucas Williams: City of Tallahassee; phone ‐ 891‐3825; email Lucas.Williams@talgov.com.

2. Laura McDermott ‐ mcdermottl79@icloud.com

3. David Yon – Gulf Winds Track Club; david@radeylaw.com or 850-425-6671

Youth Running

Rocket Man

Rocket Man

Some Striders and SMIRFs say it may go down as the best SMIRF practice ever.  It was the day Rocket Man came to practice. It was also Monday, July 5, and a light rain had been falling but had now stopped.  On Friday, July 2, I had told the kids they could take Monday,...

Youth on the Run

The Youth Running Group got the weekend off to a good start with a visit at Thursday night practice from Florida State University track and cross country runner Alyson Churchill.  Alyson is a freshman at Florida State.  The following stats are from the FSU web page: ...

After five weeks and six meets, Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season is over. And just like each year since 2010, the season ended with the League Championship Meet at Apalachee Regional Park. When the NCAA meet comes here in 2021,...